Operator Performance

It’s not about selling another sandwich, burger, or serving another pint. The real opportunity is growing the business.

Mobivity’s SmartSuite was built with the dissatisfaction of the analytics and back office tools available for most Point-of-Sale (POS) systems in mind.  This led to the development of a suite of POS independent products customized for franchisees, reducing the need for multi-unit owners to upgrade or replace legacy hardware in order to have unified reporting across their restaurants.

The Real-Time Advantage

Relying on end of day, or end of week, reports means not knowing what went wrong until it is too late to fix it. Mobivity allows restaurant and retail brands to be informed of employee theft, cutting staff during a slow shift or in the moment, from anywhere – saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Information for a single location is important; however, real value is created when you use SmartAnalytics to aggregate data across all your businesses and easily compare by: location, geography, brand or manager.

Improving Sales with SmartScore

SmartScore provides a visual reminder, behind the counter, helping employees promote the items that lead to the most profits. For example, increasing the “upsizing” of combos or add-ons like cheese and bacon.

People want to succeed and be recognized by peers. By setting goals and sharing progress with employees, they become more engaged. Employees competing to add drinks, add-ons, and desserts means an increased average check and more money to the bottom line.