Increase Frequency

Driving revenue is one of the key issues to crack for restaurant and retail brands. But a solution is as simple as increasing the frequency of your most loyal customers.

Solving the Frequency Problem

In order to increase guest visit frequency, it can be incredibly helpful to begin understanding why your customers aren’t visiting more often in the first place. Discovering the possible reasons why return visits are low are key to implementing a plan to bring your customers back more often.

For example, customers may view your restaurant as a treat – with higher prices driving them to visit only on “special occasions.” Providing this type of customer with a one-time discount offer will likely do nothing more than bring them back for a single “redemption” visit, as the prices are still too high for their liking. But without in depth analytics and reporting, you would never know the success rate of this offer.

Alternatively, the lack of return visits could simply be due your customers’ understanding of what type of meal-occasion you offer. Customers may view your business as a lunch-only restaurant. By marketing promotions around your less-busy dayparts, such as breakfast and dinner, you can turn loyal customers into returning customers.

Altering Your Customers’ Behavior Patterns

Providing an exceptional experience for your guests is the best overall method to ensure that they keep coming back, and there aren’t many marketing campaigns that can trump that.

Once you’ve delivered an exceptional experience, generating repeat business by increasing the frequency of a customer’s visits is one of the most fool-proof methods to positively affect your bottom line. If a customer visits only once a month on average, you have an opportunity to bring them back two or three times a month. If they already visit once a week, give them a reason to visit at least one more time that week.

Mobivity’s SmartReceipt allows your business to drive urgency and frequency by generating unique and customized expiration dates on coupons. By using the receipt canvas to create a sense of urgency in your customers, you can drive more repeat business more often.