Drive Revenue

Getting patrons in the door is one thing, but making the most of their experience while they’re with you is the job of everyone in the building. Learn more about how to deliver a remarkable experience, increase the average check size and the importance of speed.

People don’t often think of sales management when it comes to hospitality, retail and the food service industry. They focus on the quality of service, the food, products and the price. As an industry, owners have been conditioned to believe the only way to make more money stick to the bottom line is to cut costs. At Mobivity, we believe this is not the case. To be truly successful, we believe everyone in your organization should be involved in both saving nickels and adding more quarters.

Mobivity’s SmartSuite helps franchisors, owners, operators, managers and frontline employees have a better understanding of their business, in real-time, and how they can achieve better results, through incremental improvements.

Improve the Customer Experience

Over and over, we hear owners and operators who want to focus on improving the customer experience by creating positive, remarkable and easily repeated experiences. This is an admirable goal; but tough to measure and even harder to track, manage, and scale as you become more successful.

At Mobivity, we believe the ingredients to improving customer experience starts with ensuring there is enough fresh product and staff available at the peak times. The rest is sales management. Once guests are in the building, the staff’s job is: to deliver exceptional service, increase the average check, and move them through quickly and efficiently.

Exceptional service starts with hiring the right person, training them, setting objectives, measuring their activity, communicating, and keeping them motivated. By nature, people want to do well, they are looking for approval from others and want to contribute to a winning team.

One key to successful sales management is teaching employees to increase the average check per customer by focusing on higher profit items. Encourage and incent staff to suggest drinks; add modifiers, like cheese or bacon; appetizers, specials, desserts and/or meal deals.

Improve Efficiency

Another key to increasing profitability is improving efficiency. In a QSR environment, this refers to reducing friction (customers placing orders) and increasing line speed (employees preparing the food). In a fast casual or other table service environment, this refers to increasing table turns – the amount of time a customer spends reviewing the menu, ordering, waiting for and eating their food. Reducing wait times and improving throughput while focusing on increasing the average check will increase your profitability.

In order to effectively manage and improve sales, you will need establish goals, define measurement, and report on the results. Mobivity’s SmartSuite platform lets you set goals and see results, in real-time, for a single restaurant or an entire chain.