We believe technology and data can be used to help brands better connect with their customers.

About SmartSuite

SmartSuite is a complete solution for businesses to unlock the power of data to help you predict and influence customer behavior and accelerate revenue. We keep you connected, and you will understand your customers like never before. You will gain valuable insights into your customer’s transactions to know what they’re buying and when. Why guess when you can know? SmartSuite gives you the whole picture and covers all the details-so you won’t miss a thing.

SmartMessenger Example


Supercharge Your Messaging

Reach your customers where and when they want to be reached. Our mobile messaging platform gives the option of SMS and/or Facebook Messenger to share your messages and engage with customers. It combines rich graphics with strong attribution to track redemptions, customer preferences, and engagement to improve the customer experience – all while getting smarter over time.

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SmartReceipt Example


Not Just Paper Anymore

SmartReceipt is a unique way to engage with your customer, increase frequency, announce products and promotions, incent trial, and drive more incremental revenue. Make an impression with your customers and see better results.

How SmartScan Works


A Smarter Way to Track Your Marketing

SmartScan is an innovative barcode technology that enables businesses and marketers to issue personalized, one-time use, offers that are tied directly to the customer receiving them. SmartScan is fully integrated with SmartSuite and enables businesses to connect the offer information embedded in the barcode with the entirety of SmartSuite.


Smart Data Leads to Smarter Decisions

The data flowing through your point-of-sale can help you unlock the secrets of your business, and provide you the information you need to make faster, smarter, and evidence-based decisions. Track redemptions, spot trends, and predict outcomes. Smarter data leads to smarter decisions.


Create New Value for Your Customers

Add new revenue for your business. Introducing SmartAds, our proprietary ad serving network that delivers unique and valuable offers to your customers through our partner network, and provides incremental profits at no additional cost.


Better Employees Lead to Better Business

Encourage increased staff performance by rewarding results-driven behavior. Increase the productivity of your team, all while creating a fun, friendly, and competitive culture among your team members and locations.