Use sales predictions to drive higher employee performance.

Introducing SmartScore

We created SmartScore to increase sales of your most profitable items by motivating employees with sales targets while showing real-time progress towards those goals, and displaying results on an easy-to-read display. Small changes can have a dramatic impact on sales, and employee motivation is key to affecting customer purchases and driving higher profits.

How We Increase Sales by Improving Employee Performance with SmartScore

How Do We Do It?

  • We leverage historical sales data to predict sales, by day part, and key items to set hourly sales goals for individuals or the entire team.
  • We show real-time results, on a tablet or monitor, so employees know exactly how they are doing when being compared to expectations.
  • We add gaming mechanics to increase friendly competition, make it more fun, and improve results.
Rewards Lead to Results with SmartScore

Rewards Lead to Results

Mobivity is the only company to provide POS agnostic, real-time, transaction-level data. Our platform predicts sales, both by revenue and or units, and displays them as daily goals that are broken down into hourly targets for employees, and all progress towards those targets is updated instantly. Add incentives and rewards for top performers to create fun competition between locations or individuals and see sales increase even more.

Small Changes Lead to Big Profits with SmartScore

Small Changes = Big Profits

SmartScore is easy to implement and configure. Simply select the products to focus on and share with your staff. The platform works as a visual reminder to employees to prioritize specific items or promotions designed to provide maximum profit. If you own multiple locations or are part of a larger group, try building some friendly competition between locations, teams, or individuals to reward performance and boost revenue. SmartScore is also a great way to involve your suppliers by leveraging supplier marketing dollars to reward staff for promoting specific items. Ask us how this can work for you.

Minor changes equal major impact on sales and profitability. SmartScore is an easy way to create and reward the results you want.