Closing the Loop on Your Marketing Activities

Introducing SmartScan – A Smarter Way to Track Your Marketing

SmartScan is an innovative barcode technology that enables businesses and marketers to issue personalized, one-time use, offers that are tied directly to the customer receiving them. SmartScan is fully integrated with SmartSuite and enables businesses to connect the offer information embedded in the barcode with the entirety of SmartSuite. From pairing the barcode to the individual customer who received an offer through SmartMessenger, to seeing the entire picture of purchase details from SmartReceipt and SmartAnalytics – you can finally see a fully closed-loop, customer-specific view of your marketing activities.

SmartScan Takes You Where Your Customers Are

SmartScan Takes You Where Your Customers Are

SmartScan supports delivery of one-time use barcodes through two channels with SmartSuite – SMS Text Messaging and Facebook Messenger – through our SmartMessenger product. This allows you to connect with your customers in a uniquely valuable way through the channels they are already using. SmartScan also supports codes used through other digital channels, including apps, email, or other over-the-top (OTT) services – like Snapchat and WeChat – as well as traditional marketing channels, like direct mail, FSI, newspaper, and many more.

How Businesses Benefit From SmartScan

How Businesses Benefit from SmartScan

SmartScan’s one-time use barcodes allow businesses to accurately and effectively track marketing channel and campaign attribution across mediums like never before. SmartScan codes – delivered through SmartMessenger, email, or even a branded app – provide customer attribution data by measuring embedded details, like phone number or messenger ID, or customerID to provide increased details about who is redeeming and what they are buying. With traditional media, marketers can focus on tracking the effectiveness of the channel, redemption and basket data, ROI, geographic data, and/or source(s) that drive results.

SmartScan also prevents coupon fraud. The built-in offer control and validation means the POS scanner can now verify any SmartScan coupon, capture the embedded data, and expire single-use coupons in real-time.

How SmartScan Works

How it Works

SmartScan is a feature add-on to SmartReceipt and SmartMessenger, and is installed on the point-of-sale alongside SmartReceipt without any change to existing hardware. SmartScan can work alongside an existing barcode solution or be a complete replacement. Each barcode transmitted from SmartMessenger includes a unique offer ID specific to individual users, offer text, offer expiration, and other applicable details. Users redeem their offers by presenting the barcode to the employee at the point-of-sale. The barcode is scanned, validated for one-time use, and then linked with the subsequent transaction for attribution while voiding the code for future use.

SmartSuite creates a truly closed-loop marketing solution that provides campaign measurement and attribution for businesses to see the full picture of how their offers are performing – from delivery, through redemption.