Access your data when and where you need to.

Introducing SmartAnalytics

SmartAnalytics is a POS-agnostic platform that allows brands, agencies, and franchisees to quickly and easily unlock key sales and redemption data in real-time. Use this data to predict results and influence consumer behavior to measure performance and accelerate revenue.

Real-Time Makes a Real Difference with SmartAnalytics

Real-Time Makes a Real Difference

SmartAnalytics gives you easy-to-read and actionable information about key parts of your business. Stop waiting until the end of the day or end of the week to see results. SmartAnalytics gives you access to the data immediately so you can spot trends and take action, saving valuable time and money.

SmartAnalytics is Built for Scale

Built for Scale

Our solution is a straightforward POS-agnostic approach that enables us to capture your data regardless of what system you use. And because SmartAnalytics provides transaction-level data, it’s easy to drill down to the store-level to better understand business performance across locations, and quickly affect changes that improve your bottom line.

Access SmartAnalytics Instantly From Anywhere

Instant Access From Anywhere

Accessing SmartAnalytics is a cinch – and, it’s built for sharing with anyone you choose. Mobivity’s secure cloud-based dashboards can be accessed from anywhere. Empower your managers, agencies, partners, and executives to see some or all of the data available.

SmartAnalytics Shows You the Whole Picture

SmartAnalytics Shows You the Whole Picture

  • Identify sales trends, track redemption data, analyze basket details, and see attribution for additional marketing activities.
  • Designed to share data and trend reporting with key stakeholders – like marketing and agency partners.
  • Simple to Install, and PCI Compliant

In today’s marketing arena, where accountability and results matter, choose wisely.