Create more value for your customers, and additional revenue for your business.

Introducing SmartAds

SmartAds is our proprietary advertising network that focuses on connecting SmartSuite enabled businesses with advertisers that are looking to reach their customers. SmartAds delivers unique and valuable offers to your customers and provides you with incremental revenue at no additional cost, while connecting advertisers with over 80 million customer interactions each and every month.

SmartAds for Clients

How it Works

Each day, you’re printing hundreds of receipts for your valued customers. Each of those receipts is an opportunity to share a message and make an impression. Using SmartReceipt, that message can promote your business, provide a relevant, targeted offer for your customer, or both.

SmartAds leverages the power of our SmartReceipt technology to dynamically print targeted offers on the front of your receipts. You’ll join other businesses to become part of the SmartAds inventory.

Types of Advertisers

The first question is usually, “What kind of advertisers?” Don’t worry. We won’t serve your competitor’s ads and you can always refuse an ad. We focus on complimentary brands who want to reach your customers with unique, value-based offers or general awareness messages. For example:

  • Car Services, like Uber and Lyft
  • Online Ordering, like 1-800 Flowers
  • Credit Repair
  • Insurance, Health, or Auto Service Providers
  • Cable or Internet Service Providers

Win / Win / Win

SmartAds provides your customers with additional value they weren’t expecting – many customers have been surprised and delighted by the extra value from their receipt. And, it gives your company supplemental passive revenue. What’s more, installing SmartReceipt unlocks your Point of Sale information giving you access to transaction-level reporting that identifies trends, redemptions, and other data that was previously unavailable or hard to identify.

More For Less

SmartSuite delivers better customer engagement, higher redemption rates, and more incremental revenue for our clients. The results are undeniable. SmartAds is an easy way to provide even more revenue opportunities.

Still Not Convinced?

The SmartAds network is growing quickly and we need more inventory. Ask us how you can use SmartAds to pay for the full SmartSuite of products and get started today.

SmartAds for Advertisers

SmartReceipt transforms receipts into highly visible, personalized, and targeted advertising opportunities. With SmartReceipt, Mobivity allows you to turn the receipt medium into a revenue-generating platform, with redemption rates as high as 400%!


Geo-target your ads based on available locations across our network.


Offer one-time-use redemption codes across individual channels for highly targeted redemption and tracking reports.

Time Sensitive

Utilize dynamic and short redemption windows to drive purchase frequency much more quickly than traditional advertising media.

Better Engagement

Intelligently engage your shoppers with marketing that is targeted by demographics, lifestyle, location, purchase history, and more.

Place Your Brand in Front of Millions of Consumers in Some of the Largest Markets in North America

SmartAds Availability Nationwide