Communicate directly with customers through the channels they prefer.

Introducing Refer-a-Friend+

The Refer-a-Friend+ program rewards your customers’ loyalty to your brand. Offering new ways to engage and deliver exclusive, personalized coupons allows your customers to promote your business, help you grow your SmartMessenger subscriber base, and drive incremental traffic.

Reward Loyalty and Engagement with Refer-a-Friend

Reward Loyalty and Engagement

Reward your highly engaged customers by giving them a powerful incentive to participate in your program. Refer-a-Friend+ strengthens the relationship with your most frequent customers by allowing you to personalize your messages and deliver rewards they’ll love.

Rewards for Referrals with Refer-a-Friend+

Rewards for Referrals

Refer-a-Friend+ is a fresh take on an old favorite. Replace paper punch cards with an improved loyalty program designed to expand your customer base, encourage awareness, and track results. We differentiate new opt-ins from referrals so everyone wins, and your top customers get rewarded as your text club grows.

Measure Your Sucess with Refer-a-Friend+

Measure Your Success

Refer-a-Friend+ makes your customer information easy to understand. Our customized reports identify key characteristics so you can understand your data and optimize your results. See individual franchisee performance or group by market to view referral numbers and redemptions by campaign, identify the top performers, and reward the most influential referrers.

Create Brand Evangelists with Refer-a-Friend+

Create Brand Evangelists

Word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions. Refer-a-Friend+ lets you create a more personalized experience to delight your customers and give them what they want, making them your brand ambassadors. And that can have a big effect on your bottom line, given that research shows a high-impact recommendation is up to 50 times more likely to trigger a purchase than a low-impact recommendation.

We help you grow your subscriber base, all while rewarding brand loyalty.