Informing Customers and Rewarding Healthier Choices

Introducing Nutricate – A Smarter Way to Help Your Customers Make Healthier Dining Decisions

Your customers want to know more about what they are eating. They are making healthier choices and care, more than ever, about the nutritional value of the food they are ordering. For years, people have been making buying decisions based on the nutritional information mandated on packaged foods. The expectation now is that similar information be available in restaurants.

The challenge has been that the variety of menu items and complexity of orders has made it impossible to accurately provide nutritional information. For example, a customer orders a small pizza with extra cheese, no bacon, and a request to hold the sauce, a small garlic bread (with extra dipping sauce of course), and 16 oz. soda. All of this customization changes the nutritional content of the order.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an easy way to display all this information? Since we’ve developed Nutricate, there is. Nutricate is a technology that uses SmartReceipt® to instantly analyze every order and provide key nutritional information and messages on the front of the receipt. Nutricate has been associated with a 1% increase in transactions and 3% increase in revenue per store by helping the customer make healthier choices. A healthier and happier customer is far more likely to return to your business more often.

Nutricate Example Receipt

Inform Your Customers About Their Nutritional Choices

Help your customers feel better about their decisions and make healthier choices by providing nutritional information based on their order:

  • Display Percentage of Daily Recommended Amounts
  • Add Fun Facts, Like a “Did You Know?” Message
  • Advertise Healthy Alternatives With a “Better for You” Section

Most customers simply want the information to help them make their decision. Now, with Nutricate, your guests can see the nutrition information in a meaningful and easy to understand format.

Reward Your Customers for Healthier Choices

Reward Your Customers’ Healthy Decisions

Nutricate has the option to print targeted coupons to encourage future healthy purchases or announce new product launches. A number of restaurants are now tying guest loyalty and rewards to healthy choices by offering discounts. These restaurants even incorporate loyalty programs with dynamic expiration dates to allow dining facilities to improve guest retention and increase visit frequency at the same time. Customers are rewarded based on making healthier choices through coupons, messages, and SmartAds.

Nutricate works with your existing POS and printer systems, and requires no additional changes to your current IT setup. Find out how you can get started with Nutricate today!