Frequently Asked Questions

Will SmartSuite Create Additional Trial and Frequency?

SmartSuite is used successfully to drive participation in one-to-one marketing and customer engagement through mobile first interactions. Our SmartSMS and SmartReceipt products are helping brands aggressively interact with a following of consumers who are able to help you increase your top-line sales through suggesting selling. The effectiveness of this is measured by our ability to increase both the frequency and average monthly spend of this audience through the use of targeted, relevant, localized, and personalized offers.

In summary, we’ve seen a 41% increase in average frequency per month and a 30% increase in average monthly spend, while only seeing an 8% decrease in average ticket size among trackable customers. Traffic breakeven with decrease in average check is +7.9%, resulting in incremental revenue attributable to the frequency increase our SmartSuite solution was able to impact.

Will the Program Work Without a Discount?

We believe strongly that achieving customer frequency and spend objectives does not have to equate to a discount strategy. In fact, we have proposed and demonstrated that awareness marketing strategies many times are more successful to driving incremental revenue instead of discount strategies in order to achieve the impact our clients seek.

Will SmartSMS and SmartReceipt Slow Down Throughput?

Based on lab and field tests, there are no slowdowns to customer throughput if the location has procedures in place to:

  • Present each customer with a printed receipt.
  • Capture each offer redemption through the POS.

Assuming both of these are true, then SmartSuite fits into the existing operations without introducing any friction.

Will Adding SmartReceipt Increase the Monthly Cost of Receipt Paper?

While it is true that adding SmartReceipt to your business will increase the length of your existing receipts, the cost associated with printing these receipts is nominal at best. We have found that, on average, printing SmartReceipt offers increases a restaurant’s annual cost of thermal receipt paper by $50-$160, depending on the amount of offers printed on each customer’s receipt. At first glance, this additional cost could be a hard pill to swallow; but you have to consider the return on investment of SmartReceipt offers to really understand the full picture.

SmartReceipt is a product that focuses on two main goals for businesses – increasing average ticket size, and increasing frequency – both of which directly affect your bottom line. In fact, over a five week study with a nationally franchised client, Mobivity found that receipts printed with SmartReceipt offers saw a 12.48% increase in spend over those that printed without. This is the direct affect on your business. Through smarter offers that engage the right customer at the right time, SmartReceipt’s benefit will far outweigh the cost of increased thermal receipt paper.

Does SmartReceipt Integrate with POS Systems Out of the Box?

Simply put, Yes.

Mobivity has over 10 years of experience integrating our cloud based solutions with a wide variety of the leading restaurant and retail POS systems, including NCR Aloha, Micros, POSITouch, and more. We both have practical knowledge and technical experience configuring and integrating SmartReceipt with these systems into busy locations. However, our experience has taught us that no two implementations are exactly the same. To ensure a smooth implementation, each new client goes through a thorough testing and adoption process to ensure a successful rollout when we get to that point.

For a full list of integrations, contact your Mobivity representative.

How Does Mobivity Protect My Business From COPPA Violations?

Passed in the year 2000, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is designed to protect children aged 13 years or younger from having their private information collected. It details what business or website operators must include in their privacy policy, and when and how they must seek verified consent from a parent or guardian. In order to aid Mobivity clients from abusing the protections of COPPA, we have outlined in our Privacy Policy a Consent section disallowing children under the age of 13 from participating these programs with the following language: “Mobivity does not knowingly collect personal data from children under the age of 13. If Mobivity learns that we have collected personal data on a child under the age of 13, such data will be deleted from our systems.”