SmartSuite Increases Sales for Restaurant Marketers

Helping Your Customers Choose You

There are over one million restaurants in the US, so when it comes to dining out, your customers have plenty of choices. Discover how SmartSuite gives them every reason to choose you, and those customers will drive increases in comparable growth and incremental sales for your restaurant.

Connect with More Customers Like Never Before

What if you could help your customers decide today what’s for dinner tonight? Deliver your message straight to their smartphone to keep them coming back. With SmartMessenger, your subscribers get the VIP treatment, so they’re always in the know.

  • Send Digital Coupons
  • Promote New Products and Offers
  • Advertise Special Events

SmartReceipt transforms plain old receipts into marketing opportunities.

  • Print Unique Messages with Rich Graphics
  • Add Value with Offers and Promotions
  • Unlock Valuable POS Data

See What Works Today and Repeat Tomorrow

No more guessing what promotions are the most effective and when customers are most likely to visit. SmartAnalytics shows you what offers have the most success using real-time data reporting so you’ll have immediate feedback from patrons and see the results.

“We saw immediate effects. In as little as a week, people were bringing back the coupons and repeat customers started coming in at a faster rate. It’s been a big help for us to see an increase in business right away and sales are up overall.”

Bob Grewal, Development Agent • Subway

Give Them What They Want

Consumer behavior has changed. They’re tuning out of traditional advertising and consuming media on their terms. Given that 97% of American who use smartphones send and receive texts daily, sending the right message at the right time has never been easier. Smarter is better.

You’re In Good Company