The Pitfalls of Apps

The Pitfalls of Apps

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When you hear things like “mobile usage has overtaken desktop computer usage,” and “people spend more time in mobile apps than they do watching TV,” it’s understandable why you might believe that apps sound like the ideal channel to market your restaurant. But, in reality, the story goes a little...
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Pokémon Go – Lessons to be Learned from the Biggest Mobile Game in History

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Surprised by the record-breaking hype surrounding Pokémon Go? Sure, we’re impressed, but we get it. Mobile marketers understand the not-so-secret ingredient of the Pokémon Go craze - engagement. The brilliance of Pokémon Go is in creating an experience for its users; and it’s easy to understand the appeal. The game’s...
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The Right Marketing Personalization Can Maximize Your Revenue

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Studies have shown that personalization is key to increasing customer frequency, spend, and engagement. Today’s digital marketers have many available channels for personalized marketing, but not all are equally effective. At Mobivity, we’ve created a better solution to combine personal data with engagement, redemption, and POS basket-level data, and can...
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