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Salon Spotlight - Nick Sinacori

Salon Spotlight – Nick Sinacori

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In the Ultra-Competitive Salon Industry, Mobivity’s SmartSuite Pro Package is the Solution. It’s no secret that the salon industry is competitive. Nickolas Sinacori, owner of six Cost Cutters salons in Connecticut, knows this all too well. According to Sinacori, competition is the single most difficult challenge for salon franchise owners...
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Pokémon Go – Lessons to be Learned from the Biggest Mobile Game in History

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Surprised by the record-breaking hype surrounding Pokémon Go? Sure, we’re impressed, but we get it. Mobile marketers understand the not-so-secret ingredient of the Pokémon Go craze - engagement. The brilliance of Pokémon Go is in creating an experience for its users; and it’s easy to understand the appeal. The game’s...
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