How Does SmartSuite Drive Incremental Sales of Products and Services for Salons?

Salons are in the business of beauty. While talented artists practice the latest trends on tresses, most salon owners must rely on more than skilled stylists to see long term success. A pleasant atmosphere, word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients, and savvy marketing are all key to a robust bottom line. But when faced with the many marketing options available, it can be difficult to know what will yield a true boost in incremental sales.

We get it. So we developed SmartSuite to help business owners view the relationship between marketing and increased sales revenue. Being able to understand how a promotion affected sales gives you the ability to repeat what works and alter what doesn’t, allowing SmartSuite to effectively drive incremental sales of products and services for salons.

Three Roads to One Result

SmartSuite pairs two distinct marketing channels, SmartReceipt and SmartMessenger, together to distribute offers that are developed with three main goals in mind – increasing frequency of visit, increasing revenue per customer, and increasing the sales of new products and services. But is it possible for one marketing channel to successful grow all three? Absolutely.


Okay, we can admit that it’s not (yet) possible to make hair grow faster or color fade more quickly, but there are ways to increase the frequency of salon visits. Every SmartSuite offer features dynamic expiration dates that shorten redemption windows, and are great incentive for clients to return to a specific location within a particular time period. So instead of popping in to get a quick cut near work, it might make sense to take advantage of the super special valid at the salon near home instead.


Customers coming in more often is definitely a good thing and a great place to start. Having each of those clients spend more during their visit is even better. Because SmartSuite promotions are designed to package items together such as an add-on service with a cut, or a product and color at a bundled price, they work together to drive average checks higher. Plus, being able to try additional products and services is also an excellent way to deliver an enhanced customer experience in the salon.

Sales of Products and Services

Many of the offers designed to lift average check do double duty by also promoting other products and services. SmartSuite takes that one step further by printing (receipt) or sending (SMS) an offer for a specific product or service based on a purchase. For example, a color customer may receive a coupon for a color protective shampoo and a haircut client may get an offer for a deep conditioning or scalp treatment with their next cut. Not only is awareness of additional products and services raised overall but the items featured in those promotions will likely see a boost as new customers are able to experience the service your salon offers.

Knowledge is Power

Unfortunately, targeted marketing is only as good as the amount of visibility into the results of those efforts. You can’t change what you’re not aware of. What’s more, changing offers based on their performance used to mean waiting days, weeks, or even months depending on the channel. That’s assuming you were able to get results. SmartSuite’s dashboard makes it easy to see what’s performing well – or not so well – so planning or adjusting offers is as easy as changing your mind.

There are many challenges to running a salon. But marketing doesn’t have to be one of them.

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