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Learning the Mobile Lingo with Mobivity

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At Mobivity we often run into our clients not quite understanding some of the mobile words that we use to help define the way that we run our business. To help clear up some of the confusion, we’ve created a Mobile Lingo Dictionary to define some of the words that we use on a daily basis that may also help you better understand the mobile advertising and text message marketing business.

Scroll through this post to see the definitions for words that we use when communicating with our clients, and to have a better understanding of your mobile platform.

Account Coach – A resource and service offered by Mobivity where each client and account is assigned a specific Account Coach to help manage campaigns, blasts, and ideas to create a successful and results-drive campaign for each client.

Account Manager – A group of dedicated and resourceful individuals that work for Mobivity to contact and answer questions for new clients and potential prospects interested in the mobile advertising industry.

Auto Response – An automatic message that is sent to an end-user after texting a specific keyword to a specific short code – fully customizable to each text message marketing campaign.

Blast – The process of sending a message instantly to all of the mobile subscribers in a database, allowing direct and welcomed contact with customers.

BoomText – A company started by Spencer Brannan and Levi McClendon that eventually grew to be what Mobivity is today. Read Mobivity’s full history here.

Campaign – A mobile advertising or text message marketing campaign is when a business decides to connect with their customer in a direct and welcomed method. A campaign is typically attached to a certain keyword, as one business may have several campaigns within their mobile marketing platform.

Competitor’s – We aren’t sure of the exact definition of this word, as Mobivity offers the highest level of service and support in the mobile advertising industry. Being a leader in the industry isn’t about being at the top, it is about creating campaigns that work for our clients and their customers. Period.

Cross Platform Approach – The act of using multiple platforms and mediums to connect with customers in a way that is convenient and effective to them. Typical suggestions include using text message marketing, websites, and social networking sites to create a sense of interconnectivity between the business and their customers.

IVR – An acronym for “Interactive Voice Response” software, a proprietary mobile solution created by Mobivity’s parent company, CommerceTel, that is offered as part of many large client’s mobile advertising approach.

Fwd2Friends – A low character method of encouraging the customers in an existing mobile database to share a mobile campaign with friends and family members. When sending a message with Fwd2Friends, it is also important to include a “show text” portion in the offer, so that when someone redeems the offer they can be encouraged to opt in to the originating mobile campaign.

(the) Hub – A home page for all Mobivity clients that provides an easy way for Mobivity to communicate with clients, as well as to offer constant connection between clients and their Account Coaches.

Keyword – A word that is specific to a single list of phone numbers or single text message marketing campaign on a shared short code. See: Campaign, Shared Short Code.

Mobile Websites – A version of a website optimized for the screen-size and user-experience on most mobile devices.

Mobivity – A mobile advertising and text message marketing firm based out of Chandler, Arizona that specializes in bring small businesses and nationwide franchises more customers, more often by marketing to their customers at the local level on the mobile channel.

Opt In – All recipients of SMS marketing must be “opted-in” in accordance with guidelines set in place by the Mobile Marketing Association. This means that they must request, or “opt in” to be part of your text club by texting your keyword to your provided short code.

Platform – The website used to manage text message marketing campaigns – in the case of Mobivity, the client platform is 100% cloud-based, and requires no additional software or hardware installation.

QR Code – A small, scannable code (similar to a barcode) that can be used to enhance and create a media-rich mobile experience for a business’ customers.

Short Code – A phone number that is specific to a text message platform, and is typically 5-6 digits long.

SMS Message – SMS, an acronym for short-message-service, is a method by which individuals are able to communicate through a text format, and businesses are able to communicate with their customers through the use of text message marketing.

Stair Ball – A game invented at Mobivity’s World Headquarters to help keep our hard workers motivated and create office camaraderie. Click here to learn more about Stair Ball.

Subscriber – A person who texts in to a mobile campaign to receive messages from at specific keyword on a specific short code.

Text Message Marketing – A form of advertising that allows a business direct and welcomed contact with their customers via the mobile phone, creating the most convenient and effective way to generate brand loyalty, and to turn one-time customers into raving fans of a local business.

White Paper – A document containing statistics and news surrounding the mobile market and mobile advertising channels currently existing in the country that can be downloaded at

1/text – A low character method for helping to restrict your offer from one per mobile phone user, also encouraging those who are not opted in to do so in order to receive similar messages.


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