Want More Customers, More Often?
Get Your Small Data Right.

Multi-location restaurant and retail brand marketing teams grow sales and transactions with Mobivity’s data-driven services and patented technology that increase customer frequency, spending, engagement, and deliver automated analytics.

You’re In Good Company

With Mobivity, you take validated actions through ALL appropriate channels – traditional, digital, and mobile. Build and execute campaigns and incentives that are:


Track and measure response to your offers, so you know what will motivate individual customer behavior the most.


Deliver offers at any level – from chain wide, to local markets, down to the individual operators or retail stores.


Select and deploy using the best mediums, days, and day-parts to capture customer attention when and where you want it.


Zero in on known customer interests, so messages resonate with individual customers and motivate action.

This fine control is enabled by machine learning that relentlessly acquires, aggregates and analyzes your small data – basket level purchase detail, offer redemption history, and interest data.

The result is a closed-loop marketing system with built-in predictive analytics that keeps getting smarter. With Mobivity marketing analytics you gain actionable insights based on result data assessed from each campaign.

You compare and attribute results across ALL channels. This feedback process enables you to continually adapt and enhance communication decisions, to optimize marketing spend and business outcomes.