Predict. Influence. Accelerate.

Imagine if your own transaction data could “get smart” on its own. Imagine if you could predict customer behavior, influence it, and accelerate your revenue growth. Now stop imagining. It’s here.

Your transactional data is intelligence waiting to happen.

Introducing SmartSuite

SmartSuite is a Cognitive Transaction Data Platform that unlocks the potential of your data to help you predict customer behavior, influence it, and accelerate revenue.

We’ve visually enhanced mobile messaging with offers that are redeemed at much higher rates, and with stronger attribution technologies, can track redemptions, customer preferences and engagement to continue to personalize the overall customer experience.

This unique application unlocks the power of transactional data to create relevant, timely, and targeted customer messages to provide another personalized touchpoint to enhance the customer engagement experience.

A point-of-sale-independent platform that allows brands, agencies, and operators to quickly unlock key sales data in real-time, so they can take immediate and actionable steps to drive their business.

Engage your team members to drive better performance by rewarding results and creating a friendly, fun, competitive, and results-oriented culture among team members and/or locations.

You’re In Good Company