More Customers, More Often With Solutions From Mobivity and SmartReceipt™

We know the world that you live in – there is a constant need to get your patrons to come in to your locations. And, once you get them there, your focus shifts to increasing individual ticket sizes and providing such a pleasing experience that they will come back often.

Mobivity and SmartReceipt enable you to maximize interactions with your customers whether they are in store or not.


SmartReceipt is an innovative coupon marketing solution designed to give you a unique opportunity to make money. It enables you to utilize your existing point of sale (POS) system as a marketing tool, increasing your customers’ level of engagement and the number of times that they return.

Set It and Forget It

  • Create promotions and coupons ahead of time, if desired, and watch the results happen before your eyes
  • You determine all marketing content and offers
  • Each point of sale system is automatically updated when new marketing content or employee messages are released

No Need To Make Elaborate Technology Modifications

  • Your POS system remains unchanged
  • Data is simply intercepted on way to printer
  • Scalable
  • Compatible today with over 80% of POS systems

Have Web-Based, Always-There Access To Data Reports To See How Offers Are Performing

  • Use easy-to-set-up drag and drop interface to create SmartReceipts quickly
  • Online account allows for centralized and/or individual location management

SmartReceipt Enhanced With SMS and Stampt™

SmartReceipt is much more than a vehicle to present offers and information on paper receipts. It is an innovative loyalty solution that enables you to maximize interactions with your customers whether they are in store or not.

In store, you can replace your printed punch card program while giving patrons two ways to join your loyalty program.

On your SmartReceipts, simply ask customers to scan a one-time use, perishable QR code with the Stampt app to record their purchases. This puts them on the road to future savings. It also gives you valuable information on what each patron bought, enabling you to provide personalized offers in the future and to gauge the value of the customer to you.

Also, SmartReceipt gives you valuable space to grow your text messaging program. Simply add a call to action on the receipt, asking your customers to opt in to receive text messages from you that will drive traffic and sales.

And because they take the receipts with them, your patrons will have the option of engaging with the QR code or SMS call to action just about anywhere – on your premises, in their car, or when they get home.

This keeps your lines moving and people coming back for more.

SmartReceipt and SMS

More Opt-Ins Bring More Sales

A large quick-service restaurant franchisee says that each SMS opted-in customer is worth approximately $10 per month in added revenue.


Text messaging is synonymous with today’s mobile user experience. Did you know, 8 of 10 mobile users send or receive text messages and the majority of those are viewed within 4 minutes? This is compared to only 19% of all emails being opened. Knowing this, mobile messaging is the key to engage with today’s demanding, on-the-move customer!

At Mobivity, we work with some of the leading consumer brands and SMB’s to create and nurture permission-based SMS loyalty programs that have proven to bring in more customers, more often.

Increase Daily Sales Through Engagement

  • Businesses often see overall sales increases after sending a text message to those in a permission-based database, even when there is an offer for free or discounted products
  • Improve traffic during non-peak hours by sending compelling texts that are read within minutes

Better Redemption Rates Than Other Channels

  • Businesses of all sizes consistently see redemption rates in the double digits
  • According to a large quick-service restaurant franchisee, SMS text message offers have seen 50 times better performance than its direct mail counterpart with the same offer!

Patent-Pending Refer a Friend Technology Helps Your List Grow Faster!

  • Using our Refer A Friend technology, your existing SMS text subscribers can share your offers with a friend and get rewards and incentives they both can share!

The Tools We Provide

Stampt™ Mobile App

More than 10,000 unique customers – 50 percent of their clientele — have bought from Phoenix-area pizzeria Venezia’s and got Stampt

"Over the past six years, we have seen great results with mobile marketing and even better results with the Stampt™ app over the past year."

− Domineck Montanile - Owner Venezia’s New York Style Pizzeria


Replace paper punch cards with a fraud-proof way to record and reward purchases.

Stampt is a mobile app that helps businesses turn consumers into loyal customers.

Nearly 50% of customers would choose to shop at a store that offered a mobile loyalty program over another store that didn’t.

The loyalty and retention tool allows you to increase foot traffic, reduce downtime, and boost sales. It’s that simple.

Reward Your Best Customers With Specials And See Repeat Business

  • Eliminate the need for paper punch cards that are often misplaced or forgotten at home
  • Cross the worry of fraud off your mind because you set the business rules that work for you

Announce Special Loyalty Offers Via Push Message

  • Break through with sought-after deals that drive traffic, even during your usually-slow periods
  • Improve customer loyalty by being out in front when people are deciding where to dine or where to shop

Provide Sought-After Store Particulars Such As Hours, Contact Details, And A Map

  • Be discovered by Stampt users who are near you
  • Delight consumers who will know exactly where to find you and when you are open

Have Web-Based, Always-There Access To Data Reports To See How Offers Are Performing

  • Learn what’s working and not and optimize for best results
  • Tie your mobile loyalty efforts to your integrated marketing program with statistics and knowledge