Audience engagement and fan interaction solutions.

With Mobivity Sports & Entertainment we have one main goal, to connect you and your fans in a powerful way that drives results for your business. We give you the tools to engage your fans on their mobile phone, providing unsurpassed results in interaction and the enhancement of overall fan experience.

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This is how we engage your fans and audience.

We offer a combination of services to engage your fans in a way that creates interaction and brand loyalty like you’ve never seen before.

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With our unique text messaging platform, you can build a database of fans to create an ongoing conversation, allowing you to reach your fans directly and immediately over a medium that is both convenient and effective.

By using our display technology, you can broadcast any combination of the services Mobivity Sports & Entertainment offers into a sleek and informational screen-view for your fans. From the jumbotron to the home television, display your fan-interaction for everyone to see.

Our enterprise grade Social Ticker allows you to create a cross-platform feed of information at your events. By combining Twitter©, Facebook© and SMS into one feed, you can provide a display experience that expands the media and interaction palate of your fans like never before.

Using our proprietary IVR technology, you can design mobile voice campaigns that allow fans to interact with the voices of participants at your events. From a phone call updating fans on the score of the game, to an interactive conversation detailing your upcoming event, you can create a unique and media-rich mobile experience for your fans.

Our patented Digigraph takes fan interaction to whole new level, giving your consumers a valuable product and delivering consumer data, brand impressions and online traffic to your marketing team.

With just a text or scan, your audience can have a personally autographed image delivered to any digital device.

It’s a great product to add to your marketing inventory.

With SMS polling, you can engage your audience and achieve maximum fan interaction in a way that is simple and easy to use.

This tool is a great marketing tool and a valuable product for your sponsors.

Your audience can text their pictures and perspective to the screen with our Pic-to-screen feature and is another great addition to your marketing inventory.

This feature gives your fans the opportunity to participate in the action and stay connected to your database after the event is over.

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More features and benefits:

Our proprietary web-based platform is designed to flawlessly deliver value and financial performance for you and your clients. The factors that define our approach are:

  • Unsurpassed results in engaging audiences and enhancing their overall experience
  • Uniquely creative and fully integrated mobile marketing campaigns for brands’ activation reaching their target market at the right time, in the right place and with the right message
  • Measurable results through real-time reporting and analysis to quantify campaign effectiveness and ROI
  • Seamless conversion of opted-in fans and viewers into any CRM database
  • Reverse look up data on consumers in order to build profiles and craft specialized messages
  • Partnerships with industry leaders such as Chyron, Sybase, Daktronics, ANC, VizRT and 4info
  • Open a personal 1:1 dialogue with fans and consumers
  • Create new revenues
  • Derive measurable value with direct marketing extensions
  • Capabilities in IVR, Facebook, Twittter, QR Codes, SMS, Etc

Here’s some case studies to add to your research.

Below you will find some actual campaigns that Mobivity Sports & Entertainment has created for clients. These are actual results from actual businesses in the industries you work with.


Don’t take it from us, listen to what our clients are saying.

We believe in a level of service and product offering that surpasses any other form of advertising and fan engagement before. We don’t just give you the ability to connect with your customers on the mobile channel, we help you create a successful and results driven mobile campaign. Just ask one of our satisfied customers what they have experienced.

Julian Chang, Chang Consulting

Our firm optimizes community sponsorships for our clients. We do this by strategically harnessing the power of wireless technology in innovative and powerful ways. Over the last few years, Mobivity has been a trusted partner in rolling out activation campaigns that have boosted positive brand awareness, customer acquisition, public action and civic engagement. Working with Mobivity, we and our clients have been able to:

  • Mobilize text voting, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in paper and printing costs and boosting sustainability practices.
  • Activate customer response through text to screen contests, multi-point texting trees and aggregating Twitter feeds and Facebook posts for widespread projection.
  • Encourage meaningful long-distance participation at events through virtual/online feeds using text photos and messages.

The Mobivity team is known for on-time, flawless execution. They turn concepts and ideas into workable, real plans that produce results. Always professional and responsive, Mobivity is a joy to work with because their deliverables consistently exceed expectations. Best of all, they get it.