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Federal Judge Sees TCPA Law As Clear and Unambiguous

A Pennsylvania federal judge has brought clarity around the issue of text messages, automatic telephone dialing systems, and the Telephone Communications Protection Act (TCPA). On March 20, District Judge Michael M. Baylson granted summary judgment to Yahoo, saying a plaintiff … Continue reading

How Super Bowl Advertisers Fumbled The Ball With Mobile

By Jeff Hasen Mobivity Chief Marketing Officer Butterfingers were all over Super Bowl XLVIII, starting when Peyton Manning let the first snap go through his hands, continuing with a spot for the aforementioned candy, and capped by the group of … Continue reading

How Mobivity Brings Businesses More Customers More Often

The following is an executive Interview conducted by the Droid Report with Jeff Hasen, CMO of Mobivity And Author Of Mobilized Marketing: Droid Report: Mobivity is an award-winning provider of proprietary mobile marketing technologies and solution which you were appointed … Continue reading

Everything and Nothing Has Changed With Mobile

Mobivity’s CMO Jeff Hasen was asked by Wireless Week to assess the use of mobile by brands and small businesses. Here is his response: “Even in 2013, years after mobile marketing has proven its worth, many brands continue to take … Continue reading

SMBs Embrace Customer Loyalty Programs

NetNewsCheck reported on the big opportunity for SMBs to create and profit from customer loyalty programs. Mobivity’s Stamp was prominently mentioned. Here’s the article: By Michael Depp and Eric J. Smith Small businesses continue to be enamored with customer loyalty … Continue reading

Back To School Means Back to Mobile Basics

Mobile Marketer asked Mobivity’s Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hasen why retailer Kohl’s used text messaging to drive back to school sales. His response? Because they wanted to sell more stuff. Specifically, here’s what he told the publication: “Unlike email, SMS … Continue reading

What’s Working and Not In Mobile

Mobivity’s Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hasen authored this opinion piece for Mobile Marketer: I am of the age where I must admit that my best Mouseketeers days are behind me. Still, my mobile phone delivers an ad seeking talent for … Continue reading

SMS and Text Message Marketing as a New Retail Connection

SMS and text message marketing have always been a great way to connect with customers in the retail industry. It has accomplished everything from sales promotions, to increasing brand awareness, to increasing revenue at crucial times outside of high sales … Continue reading

2012: The Year of the Mobile Market

It is hard to go a single day in the modern American world without encountering some kind of mobile interaction.  Mobile interaction and communication has found it’s way into nearly every part of our daily interaction – from mobile social … Continue reading