Over 11,000 businesses nationwide have used Mobivity’s patented technology to connect with 1 in 24 American consumers.

[dropcap extraclass="circle-dropcap"]M[/dropcap]obivity helps brands and business use patented mobile technology to connect with their customers, driving traffic and revenue to businesses through a marketing medium with one of the highest ROIs in the industry. Launched in 2006, Mobivity provides clients from small to medium sized businesses to national brands with simple and affordable access to the same platform that has been used by the likes of Disney, CNN, and several professional sports organizations nationwide. Mobivity’s unique focus on providing not only the greatest technology, but also the highest level of service possible, is what sets Mobivity apart and allows clients to see real and measurable success from moving their local area marketing to the mobile channel.

Following a year of acquisitions in 2011, Mobivity has established a world-class team comprising some of the leading minds and mobile marketing businesses in the industry. Txtstation, BoomText, CommerceTel and Mobivity were all brought together under the mission of providing brands and businesses with a direct, instant, and welcomed form of contact with their consumers via the mobile phone. It is with this mission that Mobivity has achieved continual growth with the reach of clients using its technology, as well

as consumers that interact with businesses nationwide over the mobile phone. With the mobile phone becoming one of the most powerful and relevant ways for businesses to communicate with their customers, Mobivity has positioned itself to aid businesses, big and small, in the move of their marketing to the mobile space.

Between 2011 and 2012 Mobivity grew its reach from just over 1,000 businesses nationwide to providing nearly 6,000 locations with its suite of mobile marketing services and the ability to turn one-time customers into loyal patrons. By garnering partnerships with organizations like SONIC Drive-In, Chick-fil-A, Jamba Juice, and thousands of others, Mobivity has helped brands connect with well over 13 million American consumers, having touched 1 in every 24 Americans with its patented technology.

What makes Mobivity tick?

  • Commitment to direct contact with clients
  • Results-driven approach to marketing
  • Patented, industry-leading technology
  • Fun and relaxed workplace
  • Creative and dedicated employees
  • Proven leadership and vision

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We saw a world where mobile devices outnumbered computers, televisions, traditional phones, and even radios. Our vision has been to bring down the walls of mobile technology, get businesses into a conversation with their mobile customers, and change the game of local marketing.
Dennis Becker – Founder and CEO

[historic year="2006" title="Where it all began." order="first" direction="left"]CommerceTel breaks into the marketplace by providing custom mobile solutions to big-name clients such as NBC Universal and NPR. Wired Magazine writes about the success of the cutting-edge NBC campaign.[/historic] [historic year="2007" title="It all started on a golf course." order="" direction="right"]Spencer and Levi tee off and 18 holes later the idea behind BoomText is born: to put a mobile marketing solution in the hands of small businesses and local advertisers. Within months, the first text message campaigns are launched. Around the same time, Greg Harris develops the first Mobivity platform and begins signing up clients for his intuitive and simple text message tool.[/historic] [historic year="2010" title="Engaging sports and entertainment fans." order="" direction="left"]TxtStation bursts onto the scene offering text-to-screen and fan engagement solutions for sports and entertainment venues. Soon, clients such as NASCAR, the National Basketball Association, and UFC start using the technology as well as various MLB and NHL teams.
[/historic] [historic year="2011" title="Bringing it all together." order="" direction="right"]During a year of acquisition spanning 2010 and 2011, CommerceTel pulls together BoomText, Mobivity and TxtStation to form a company that offers a truly unique and results-driven set of products and services.
[/historic] [historic year="Present" title="More customers, more often." order="last" direction="left"]With a new focus and unified staff, CommerceTel adopts the name Mobivity and starts focusing on its primary mission: to bring its clients more customers, more often.[/historic]