Twitter Vs. SMS To Bring More Customers, More Often

We could point to tens of thousands of examples of individual locations seeing value in the development and nurturing of an SMS permission-based database. Of course, there are marketing alternatives. One is Twitter, a service that promises that it can help an SMB “connect with potential customers and increase your follower base.”

Follower bases are good, but what about the more customers, more often need?

Twitter encourages SMBs to create a presence on the social network, then to integrate it across all marketing channels.

It recommends that businesses feature their @username on their website and ask customers to follow them. Further, Twitter suggests SMBs import an email contact list to follow and interact with customers. Also, it encourages businesses to join industry-related conversations and connect with influencers through hashtags.

Through a lead form, it offers a marketing “kickstart” with supposed easy tips, templates and a content calendar.

Twitter has dedicated account for SMBs (@TwitterSmallBiz) as well as a blog

• Have you followed an SMB on Twitter?

• Have you gone into a brick and mortar or bought online after seeing a tweet from an SMB?

• Do you know an SMB that is using Twitter and seeing success?

• Is there an SMB that replaced a permission-based SMS club with Twitter and grew sales and loyalty?

Twitter says that it has 255 million active monthly users with 77% of the accounts outside the U.S.

There are 326 million mobile users in America, according to CTIA – The Wireless Association. comScore says that 75% text on a regular basis. Multiple studies report that approximately one-third of mobile subscribers are interested in joining a text club from a brand or business.

There just doesn’t seem to be any rationale for using Twitter and not text.

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