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Connecting with Your Customers 160 Characters at a Time

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It has become obvious over the last few years that the era of page-long ads loaded with copy may slowly start becoming a thing of the past. We live in a growing era of 160 character text messages, and 140 character tweets – two of the most popular advertising mediums with everyone from small businesses to large corporations.

Even those who (still?) support email marketing are looking at the best ways for email to tackle mobile. So how is your business heading into the mobile market – are you jumping in head first with innovative campaigns, or are you merely attempting to mold your current marketing campaigns to have a mobile component? In fact, after the explosion in popularity of email marketing, most emails from marketers go directly into junk mailboxes, creating the exact opposite of a campaign that will engage your customers. Email just isn’t as successful as mobile anymore, as Steven van Zanen notes in his article, “Making the Case for SMS Marketing Over Email“:

“One of the most effective ways to engage consumers is via SMS. Reaching 95 percent of British mobile users and up to 5 billion people worldwide, the humble text message is one of the most trusted mediums of communication.”

In 2011, mobile messaging surpassed email traffic by 500 times, and postal by 300 times – so how does a business take advantage of this shift? Adopting a short message mentality will connect your brand with your customers on their level, one where they actually read your messages. Below we’ll summarize what R.J. Talyor suggests as key areas to focus in alongside this shift.

Know Your Audience
We can never express the importance of knowing who your audience is before beginning any mobile campaign. Failing to do so will not only alienate your audience, but fail to get your message to it’s intended subscribers – a lesson presidential campaigners are learning by using mobile apps (which can only target a rough estimate of 49% of the US market who have smartphones with app capabilities) versus a more comprehensive campaign like Barack Obama’s 2008 text campaign.

Additionally, it is key to test, test, and test again. Make sure that you learn the kind of messages that your customers want to receive. Failing to do so will result in opt-outs en masse, the exact opposite of what a mobile campaign’s goals are.

Personalize Your Message

“Subscribers are not interested in recycled content or batch and blast messages. Use the information collected to send personalized, relevant messages.”

Use your messages to personalize to your community. This is the key benefit to individual location based campaigns, which see much more success, over nationwide corporate campaigns. Personalization will result in higher levels of interaction and redemption, and create a sense of community between your brand and the subscribers in your campaign.

Don’t Rely on SMS Alone, Get Your Email Campaigns, Social Networks, and Everything Else on Mobile
Once you have your customer’s attention, keep it. Using text messages to direct subscribers to desktop versions of your website, or to a non-mobile optimized email campaign, can be fatal.

“When consumers opt in to receive mobile messages and provide their email address for future communications, marketers must capitalize on the opportunity by continuing to build the relationship across email, Facebook and Twitter.”

With the shift in focus that comes along with a transition to a mobile and interconnected society, your customers are expecting that, if they are receiving content from you on their mobile device, what you are sending them is mobile friendly. Don’t lose customers to a poorly executed mobile campaign, give us a call today.

NYSE, NASDAQ and OTC Companies Webcast Live to Online Investors, August 2nd, at RetailInvestorConferences.com

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BetterInvesting (NAIC), PR Newswire and MUNCmedia today announced the agenda of the upcoming RetailInvestorConferences.com, the monthly online investor conference series. Individual investors, institutional investors and analysts are invited.
Pre-registration is suggested to save time: There is no fee for anyone to log-in, attend the live presentations and ask questions.
LINK: www.retailinvestorconferences.com > red “register/ watch event now” button
August 2nd Agenda: all times Eastern
10:00 AM – 10:50 AM
Aflac Incorporated
11:00 AM – 11:50 AM
Investor Educational Session:
BB&T Capital Markets
Introduction to Business Development Companies (BDCs)
12:00 PM – 12:50 PM
Organovo Holdings, Inc.
1:00 PM – 1:50 PM
Solar Senior Capital Ltd
2:00 PM – 2:50 PM
Investor Educational Session: ICLUBcentral
Secrets of Small Cap Investing
3:00 PM – 3:50 PM
Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc.
These monthly conferences are a now an integral element within PR Newswire’s Capital Markets Visibility 365, a new investor relations strategy designed for small and micro-cap companies. Click here to watch Capital Markets Visibility 365 videos here.
July 12th 24/7 replay: www.retailinvestorconferences.com > red “register/ watch event now” button
AcelRx Pharmaceuticals
Cytomedix, Inc
Intellipharmaceutics International, Inc.
Investor Educational Session w/
The Motley Fool
“Cashing on Megatrends in Payments”
Investor Educational Session w/ ICLUBcentral
“Winning with Mutual Funds”
La Jolla Pharmaceutical
Sigma Labs
The next event is September 13th, 2012 — time slots are filling quickly: It is recommended that public companies book their preferred time slot now. Click here to email John Viglotti at PR Newswire. IR firms and PR firms are invited to contact Viglotti.
Planning calendar available: To facilitate investor relations scheduling and budgeting, a full calendar of Retail Investor Conferences.com dates is available at http://www.retailinvestorconferences.com/VRIC_calendar.html
About BetterInvesting
Since 1951, BetterInvesting (www.betterinvesting.org), the brand identity of the National Association of Investors Corporation, has helped over 5 million people become better, more informed investors. BetterInvesting, based in Madison Heights, Mich., helps its members build wealth through local, regional and national learning events as well as through Web-based tools, software, member publications and online resources. As the nation’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to investment education, it provides investing knowledge and practical investing experience through local investment clubs, local volunteer chapters, online courses and an active online community. BetterInvesting and its subsidiary, ICLUBcentral, currently serve over 120,000 investors.
About PR Newswire
PR Newswire (www.prnewswire.com) is the premier global provider of multimedia platforms that enable marketers, corporate communicators, sustainability officers, public affairs and investor relations officers to leverage content to engage with all their key audiences. Having pioneered the commercial news distribution industry 56 years ago, PR Newswire today provides end-to-end solutions to produce, optimize and target content – from rich media to online video to multimedia – and then distribute content and measure results across traditional, digital, mobile and social channels. Combining the world’s largest multi-channel, multi-cultural content distribution and optimization network with comprehensive workflow tools and platforms, PR Newswire enables the world’s enterprises to engage opportunity everywhere it exists. PR Newswire serves tens of thousands of clients from offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific region, and is a United Business Media company.
Twitter @IRandCompliance
About MUNCmedia
MUNCmedia (MUNCmedia.com) is the first Information Media Network and world leader in web-based Retail Investor Targeting solutions. We provide online corporate communications, research and media solution to companies worldwide. From targeting press releases one-to-one to individual investors to corporate video PR content, MUNCmedia helps companies deliver targeted and scalable messages to the precise audience in real-time. Hundreds of companies, IR and PR agencies, stock exchanges and integrated newswires rely on MUNCmedia services to deliver news messages to the retail financial community every day with measurable results. MUNCmedia was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in New York, NY with regional offices in Bellevue, WA and Boston. We currently service over 300 direct public company issuers and 40 IR agency partners.

Chandler Startup Weekend – Day 3 and Full Recap

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from Mobivity on Vimeo.

Sunday morning was a sobering wake up for many of our #swchaz participants. With a mere 9 hours between breakfast and when each team’s slide-deck presentations were do, everyone was hard at work all day long with very few breaks.

At around 5:30 we were all graciously fed Floridino’s Pizza while finishing up and preparing for the evening. Spectators and judges were beginning to fill the room, and you hear the excitement in the air. Startup Weekend is a really unique experience that is hard to explain – the excitement, the nerves, the hopeful plans for the future – but it’s why we all do what we do, and why America is so great. It was in Sunday night’s excitement that I could hear the echo’s of Tyler Hurst’s reminder that, “lest we forget, a nation is only as good as it’s startup culture.

After a short speech by InfusionSoft representative Eric Keosky-Smith our very own CEO, Dennis Becker, stepped up to describe the voting process, as well as to describe the importance and value of the startup culture especially in the rise of the “silicon desert.” After that, it was straight on to the pitches, and they were great. Below is the list of groups that presented, and what their startup business idea was (not in any particular order):

  • Med Angel – A first responder mobile app, notifying first responders of illnesses, medications, and allergies that will also notify loved ones should something unthinkable happen.

  • ComebacKid – A bluetooth enabled mobile app that allows parents to track their young child’s location within a certain range to avoid kidnapping and lost children – the digital leash.

  • Repair Report – An online accreditation and competitive bid system for automotive repairs.

  • Ever Presents – An online notification system that aims to market toward those forgetful and unorganized individuals who often forget birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries that will allows users to purchase gifts along with their reminder.

  • Meeting Stream – A timeline based meeting recording software – Record, transcribe, and save particular moments in your meeting, all while separating transcripts by voice and important ideas..

  • geotripwire – Leave a message or picture for a friend when entering a certain location through the use of geofencing, also allowing for the business use of sending coupons when an individual enters within a certain distance of their location.

  • Cold Air Again – Diagnose, quote, and connect users that have air conditioning problems with HVAC repair providers that are a part of a “credible” network.

  • Angel Corps Project – A privatized taxi service aiming to connect impaired drivers with designated and willing drivers, also allowing for the option to implement a personal driving service in the future.

  • Arizona Commercial Kitchens LLC – A commercially licensed and equipped kitchen for rent, also offering cooking classes, and aiming to be the “gangplank of the culinary world.”

  • GEM – Greenscape Equipment Management: Cloud based solution to keep track of greenscape management materials for more efficient and sustainable use. Allows the tracking of which employees use what equipment when (similar to a library system) to enhance and increase accountability.

  • Wedding Moments – Utilizing social media to capture wedding photos that are not taken by specific photographers allowing weddings to have a view of the wedding surroundings. Aggregates photos taken by multiple individuals at a wedding.

There were a ton of great ideas, and a lot of hard work behind each and every one. All in all we had an audience participation of nearly 5,104 text message votes, and saw interaction on Twitter using the #swchaz hashtag in over 200 conversations. Overall, we had an absolute blast all weekend long being able to interact with the innovators of the Chandler area, and were proud and honored to be a sponsor of this great event. For more on our recap and what went on this weekend, view our video recap below. Thanks, and good luck to all the participants pursuing their new business ideas.

Chandler Startup Weekend – Day 2 Recap

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After what was (I imagine) a long night of coding, developing, and planning I walked into a somewhat more empty and tired looking Gangplank HQ this morning. But after a replenishing breakfast from one of our favorite local restaurants, Yoli’s and a quick trip to the Red Bull vending machine everyone got right back to work.

With a steady stream of Mountain Dew and Skrillex everyone seemed to be glad to be getting back to work. Surveying the room we’ve seen a little bit of everything – from hardware builds on a blue-tooth enabled phone application to business planning for a rentable commercially licensed kitchen

Today we also ran a display of our Social Ticker Product offered by Mobivity Display, and soon all of our company. We incorporated a twitter search for the hashtags #swchaz (the promoted hashtag for the event we’re sponsoring), #startupweekend and #olympics. Using the hashtag #startupweekend has allowed participants at this weekend’s event to observe what’s going on around the country at other Startup Weekend events, as well as see what our competitors are tweeting about in Chandler with #swchaz (and some #olympics news for everyone while we’re holed up inside on our computers). Additionally, we set up a text integration in which those at the event could text SAY followed by the message they wanted to display to 78307. We’ve seen some funny messages, and a little friendly competition, and a lot of interaction with Twitter, and love the response we’re getting.

To give everyone a quick mental health break (as Sully would say), some members of The Torch Theatre company came by Gangplank HQ to perform some improv comedy for everyone – which, according to our twitter searches, was a huge hit with Startup Weekend participants.

Tonight will be another long night of planning, development, and business planning as everyone prepares for their final pitch tomorrow (and rumor has it that later tonight there will be a DJ setting up to spin Startup Weekend through the final hours of production tonight). With presentations due at 5PM tomorrow, and final pitches starting at 6:15, the clock is ticking and pressure is on for everyone to wrap up the best development of their idea possible in a short 54 hours of work. It’s going to take a lot of caffeine and quite a bit of teamwork to get everyone through these final hours. We’re excited to see what everyone comes up with, and proud to be a sponsor for Chandler’s Startup Weekend. We’ve got our voting platform all set up for tomorrow, all that’s left is to let the innovators do their work.

Check back here tomorrow to see our final recap for Startup Weekend, as well as to see which one of the participants may be turning their idea from a dream into a reality. For more updates, you can follow Mobivity on Twitter using the handle @mobivity, and you can read the conversation by searching the hashtag #swchaz, or view the event here and on our Facebook page.

Chandler Startup Weekend – Day 1 Recap

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We couldn’t be more excited about attending and helping sponsor this weekend’s Chandler Startup Weekend. The night kicked off with an introduction from Katie and Tyler Hurst, explaining the (obvious) benefits and possibilities of Startup Weekend. And as Tyler quoted a local artist on the value of startups:

“The future is only as good as its startup culture.”

After a quick (al beit delicious) dinner served by our very own local Pittsburgh Willy’s we jumped straight into the pitchers. In essence, any participant at the event has the opportunity to present their idea for the next big startup company in the Phoenix area. These ideas have ranged from applications to help find local fishing areas in the desert, to a “for-rent” commercially licensed kitchen.

While we saw over 30 interesting start-up ideas, the 12 that will be worked on this weekend all were decided using our text to vote tool. Behind the 60-second pitches were a spreadsheet showing the pitchers number, name, company, and a description of what they’re looking to do. During the pitches, listeners were able to text the presenters number to the short-code 78307, and voting was open for 20 minutes after pitches were presented. By the time each presenter was finished (roughly one-hour of interesting business ideas) we had logged over 700 votes from well over 80 unique phone numbers (participants had the ability to vote more than one time for the same business idea).

During this 20 minute voting period, business presenters stood with their presentation number around the room for prospective designers, developers and marketers to ask questions. After this 20 minute period of voting we logged a total number of 1,399 votes (compared to the 120 people in the room, we would consider this an amazing participation rate).

Once the 12 start-up ideas were chosen, designers, developers, small business marketers and investors started planning how to best take advantage of their time over this weekend to produce a final pitch, and a “minimally viable product” for presentations on Sunday.

Now starts the long weekend of work and planning for these 12 chosen startups. Gangplank, typically open around 6AM-10PM daily, will be open to these developers all weekend long with hopes of having a viable presentation for their idea on Sunday afternoon. We’ll be on the case all weekend observing and taking notes on startups and the planning process that goes behind building what we all dream of.

Join the conversation by searching the hashtag #SWCHAZ on Twitter, and make sure to follow @mobivity for pictures and updates from this weekend.

Six Habits of Effective Mobile Marketers

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As we’ve said multiple times before, entering the mobile marketing world is much more about planning and execution than it is being there. A mobile marketing campaign without careful planning and consumer consideration is likely to fail, and leave a bad taste in the mouth of consumers and board members alike. We’ve often discussed easy to follow guidelines to help those wishing to enter the mobile market design a successful mobile campaign – but part of a successful campaign isn’t about being innovative, but looking at what works and applying that to your customers.

Yesterday Mashable, an online social media and tech blog (which has recently been putting quite a bit of focus into the mobile market), posted an article on six habits of highly effective mobile marketers, and we’ve recapped their findings for you below.

1. Be mobile-centric

“Mobile’s unique characteristic as a device is that it is always on and with the consumer. So it can be integrated into and enhance other consumer touch points, including TV ads and brick-and-mortar locations. In the absence of another touch point, mobile interactions are part of a larger consumer journey. And, it is not just a single media channel. Mobile enables delivery of a wide variety of interactive paid, owned and earned experiences.”

Mobile presents a unique opportunity to engage the consumer like never before. But, while the idea of a “mobile-first” campaign gets thrown around a lot, campaigns with mobile at the center – rather than charging the battle-front of the campaign – prove to be more successful, allowing brands to engage the consumer on the mobile channel through several other marketing channels already in existence. Cross-platform marketing at its best.

2. Make a new argument

Regardless of the fact that the dollars don’t yet match the eyeballs, smart brands are no longer asking marketers to ‘justify an investment in mobile’.”

The argument has shifted from justifying why you should have mobile as a part of a marketing campaign to how you’re going to best integrate mobile into existing campaigns, and brands, businesses and agencies alike need to be aware of this shift to create successful campaigns.

3. Keep an open mind

“Marketers can get too caught up in choosing from among an abundance of options at this dawning of the mobile age. While many of us believe that mobile has ‘changed everything, [Paul Gelb] posits that one thing that mobile hasn’t changed is the process for solving problems. Consistent success doesn’t begin with a technology. It comes from identifying actionable consumer insights, business objectives and the experiential message to communicate.”

While the mobile market can be somewhat overwhelming at first, it is key to both look at what works in the market, and also look at what is going to work for your customers. Failure to do either will result in a failing mobile campaign, and that’s why it’s key to keep an open mind and go for the campaign that works best for your customers.

4. Always be relevant

“Mobile technology brings new possibilities to people’s lives, and new opportunities for marketers to deliver engaging content, messages, value and utility. While tablets are often a “lean back” medium used as a second screen while watching TV, or for shopping from the sofa, true mobile experiences often find us focused on a specific task (say, looking for a restaurant nearby), attending to one specific piece of content (a page of restaurant reviews), and in a specific place (on the corner of 5th Avenue and Carroll Street). The possibilities brought forth from that type of data are powerful and simply astounding.”

While mobile is one of the most comprehensive mediums available, it is important to stay relevant, and offer meaningful content to your mobile consumers. The small size and consumption in time that is offered by mobile make it key for marketers to offer unique and valuable content in order to catch their consumers’ attention, rather than catchy ad words and banner ads.

5. Follow the leaders

“It’s important for marketers to consider that ‘it’s about mobility — mobile is guiding the consumer’s experience with content, brands, real-world and community 24/7. Taking these experiences into account when deciding which tactics to pursue is key. Commerce apps are incredibly powerful for brands and generate deep loyalty from their target consumers through ongoing engagement (e.g. Chase, American Airlines, Delta, Starwood and OpenTable). Campaign-specific initiatives are successful at generating awareness and eliciting a direct response’.”

There are exceptionally few true innovators in the mobile business, and more than a few really good copy-cats. If you’re in the mobile advertising business to win a Smarties award you’re in the wrong business. Mobile is about sticking to what works, and seeing results.

6. Be the change

“Positive industry change and development will be spurred most strongly by the shift of budgets into mobile.”

Shifting your marketing budget from where it has traditionally been to where your consumers are paying their attention will allow the mobile market to not only grow, but flourish and innovate.

The mobile market is still young, and is still developing and evolving (though possibly going through a teething stage). It is up to the brands and businesses entering the market to define how business and consumer interact over the mobile channel. There has been success, and there has been failure, but so long as brands stick to their mobile guns, and follow some (if not all) of these guidelines, success will realized and the power of the mobile market will be seen.

Do’s and Don’ts for Mobile Marketing in 2012

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What used to be a neat concept for the future has quickly become a reality – nearly every successful marketing campaign currently circulating and being planned has (or at least is considering) a mobile component. This represents a huge shift in advertisers and brands focusing on where their customers are spending their attention and capital, and encourages the idea that mobile has, and will become even more, a huge paradigm shift in the thought behind advertising. David Ogilvy, once called “the most sought-after wizard in today’s advertising industry,” has been quoted as saying that television was the most monumental shift in advertising that he had ever seen. We saw a subsequent shift with the introduction of the internet, but mobile is placing itself to be an even more influential monument of change in advertising due simply to the interconnectivity and direct access it offers between brand and consumer. But this huge shift doesn’t come without trial and error, hit and miss. As Rimma Kats lightly puts it in her post on the Mobile Marketer,

“…Many times companies miss the mark by not taking the necessary precautions to ensure their campaign is executed effectively.”

In order to alleviate some of the growing pains that come along with a move to mobile, we’ve summarized some of her main points below.

Know your customer, and plan accordingly
Creating a mobile campaign that doesn’t work for your customers is game-ending. When in doubt, if consumer research isn’t available for your customer base, stick to what works, and what is tried and true.

Keep it simple
Mobile advertising campaigns are often much smaller than a typical campaign. With less space to work with, a “busy” mobile campaign can be even more detrimental than a “busy” print campaign. Sometimes, less is more, and in mobile you have to stick to what you can work with. Shortening words in SMS campaigns, and using simpler banner ads has proven to be effective in the seemingly claustrophobic mobile advertising world.

Create simple and clear calls to action
Making sure that the message you are trying to get across is clear and understandable is absolutely key to mobile success. The idea is to present a consumer with a simple call to action that is clear, and easily directive for what they should do next.

Don’t do mobile just for mobile’s sake
Often times no campaign is better than a campaign that was created just to take a part of the mobile pie. A poorly executed mobile campaign will lead to your consumers having a bad taste in their mouth, rather than increasing brand loyalty and saturation (some of the most important reasons to use the mobile channel).

Don’t use a QR code to send a user to a website that isn’t optimized for mobile
I can’t say just how many times we’ve seen this. It is embarrassing for a brand, and extremely frustrating for a consumer, and points clearly that the business was doing mobile just for mobile’s sake. Be clear, be concise, and be intentional.

Though we’ve only covered some of the key topics in this post, you can read Kats’ full list of do’s and don’ts here. With the strength of mobile growing, and the use of more and more multi-screen campaigns to influence purchases, participation, and consumer opinion, there’s no doubt that mobile is here to stay. The only question left to answer is how your business will adapt to the new heavy hitter in the advertising world. While we are clear supporters of anything mobile, one of the most effective and far reaching mobile strategies is the use of text message marketing to connect with your customers, and to drive sales and revenue at times that you need it most. To learn more about what a mobile marketing campaign could do for you, give us a call today.

Come Visit Us at the Chandler’s Startup Weekend Event in Just a Few Short Days

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This weekend we will be participating in the Chandler Startup Weekend in downtown Chandler, hosted by one of our old friends, Gangplank. One of the businesses that helped to dream up and define our current company and vision – BoomText – started right here in downtown Chandler, and we can’t be more excited to be participating as one of the Platinum Sponsors for the event this weekend. Before we left our old office just down the street to open up Mobivity’s HQ, we shared a wall and hallway bathroom with Gangplank, and we’re ecstatic to be a part of something with our old friends.

Gangplank is a “collaborative workspace,” allowing individuals to start companies using workspace in the Gangplank HQ in downtown Chandler, and fosters a sense of creativity and innovation. In Gangplank’s mission statement, they assert that

“Gangplank is a group of connected individuals and small businesses creating an economy of innovation and creativity in the Valley. We envision a new economic engine comprised of collaboration and community, where industries come together to transform our culture. We’re not coworking – we’re a collaborative workspace.”

According to the website for Chandler Startup Weekend, Startup Weekend is a “global grassroots movement of active and empowered entrepreneurs who are learning the basics of founding startups and launching successful ventures. It is the largest community of passionate entrepreneurs with over 400 past events in 100 countries around the world in 2011.”

We will be present all weekend, showcasing Mobivity’s mobile marketing offerings to potential start-ups, as well as giving company and event updates via our own mobile platform. To get updates on the weekend-long event, and to learn more about Mobivity, text STARTUP to 411-247. We are looking forward to this weekend and can’t wait to share stories and information with some of the best minds in the East Valley.

We’re Hiring!

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We are looking to add a few new Account Managers to the staff at our headquarters in Chandler. The primary focus of these jobs will be to help with the growth and development of our company. These positions will consist of building our client base through performing outbound calls, and utilizing internal sales leads to begin conversations with businesses looking to grow their customer-base through the use of mobile marketing at the local area level. This is primarily a sales oriented job, and after acquiring clients you will be handing off client management to our team of dedicated Account Coaches.

Here’s what our ideal employee looks like:

  • High School Graduate
  • 1-2 years sales or customer service experience
  • Call center or sales experience is a big plus, but not necessary
  • Restaurant, retail, or service experience is a plus (mostly, we just want to make sure you can carry on a conversation comfortably)
  • A team player – we have fun around the office, and need to know you’ll be a good fit
  • Ability to think quickly on your feet – problem solving is often a huge part of our sales process when communicating with prospect businesses
  • Competitive in nature – We want to be the best, and pride ourselves in hiring the best people.

And here’s why you want to work for us (besides this):

  • Inside sales position – No door to door or awkward in person conversations
  • Leads are provided for you, we don’t make you do ALL the work (just most of it)
  • Hourly salary plus generous commissions on acquired clients
  • Full benefits, in case you ever get sick
  • Full time position in an air-conditioned and fun office (what more could you ask for?)

Before applying, please view our homepage here and watch a short video to learn more about what we do. Please email any questions about this job to careers@mobivity.com.

To Apply:

Please email a resumé and cover letter describing why you feel you would be a good fit for Mobivity to careers@mobivity.com by August 3, 2012.

A full job description for our Account Managers can be seen here.

Mobivity Featured in Relativity Media’s “House at the End of the Street” Viral Campaign

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While our promise to customers is to bring more customers more often through text messaging and mobile marketing, we realize that the mobile space has some incredible opportunities for innovative and exciting mobile campaigns driven around other goals. We currently have that opportunity with one of our clients, Relativity Media, and worked with them to help create a viral mobile campaign around their upcoming movie, House at the End of the Street (due out September 21st of this year). This plan integrates two of our key feature offerings: IVR (Our patented Interactive-Voice-Recognition Software) and text messaging.

Try it out for yourself: Call (773)-451-9439 to begin an interactive campaign with with audio from one of the film’s actresses.

This specific campaign revolves around the thriller movie’s premise, and nearing the end of the phone call you receive a text message from one of our short-codes, beginning an interactive text message campaign designed to help build hype as the movie’s release approaches.

As mobile becomes an important part of any fully interactive and integrated advertising and marketing plan, it is key for mobile companies to advance themselves to fully be able to benefit clients in what they wish to accomplish with a mobile campaign. This specific mobile campaign isn’t about innovation, it isn’t about winning a mobile marketing award, it is about achieving Relativity Media’s goal – to help build hype for an upcoming movie through a grassroots mobile campaign. And that’s what we specialize in – helping clients achieve mobile advertising success through not only our patented mobile technology, but also planning and brainstorming with them to develop campaigns that will be successful, results driven, and will activate the consumer base our clients wish to reach.

As for us, we couldn’t be more excited about this movie, and this campaign in particular. We love helping clients use our mobile technology to develop innovative campaigns that are not only exciting and interesting, but also effective. To learn more about what a mobile marketing campaign could do for your business or brand, give us a call today.

Your Customer Loyalty Solution Awaits! CALL NOW: 877-282-7660 GET STARTED NOW