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Choosing Between Mobile Campaigns and Social Media Campaigns

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With Facebook about to make it’s IPO, and Twitter being one of the largest sources of information and news consumption for the average user in the United States, it’s hard to ignore the fact that social media has become an integral part of our everyday American lives.

In fact, a study from Chicago University recently stated that texting, checking Facebook and updating Twitter came in just below sleep on a list of impossible urges.  The study claims that Facebook has become “more addictive than smoking.”  With this being such a weighty revelation about the current state of our society, it is key to know how to interact with your customers and clients alike through social media and mobile interactions.

In a recent article on Mashable Todd Wasserman pointed out 4 tips for better engagement on Facebook and other social media channels:

  1. Add a charitable component to the messages you are sending out to your customers. In December, 2011 the team pushing advertising for Madden 2012 gave users a reason to share posts and get their “fan” count up by offering a 10 cent donation charity to the Children’s Miracle Network for each unique share and “like.”  This improves not only the Public Relations view of your business, but also increases your exposure through later ads to a wider base of prospects.
  2. Use Polls. While quirky and witty status updates will typically aid in engagement between business and consumer, many marketing industry pros will tell you that the best way to enhance engagement is simply to ask for it.  Facebook’s questions tool is absolutely phenomenal for this.
  3. Beyond the free media of social networking, use your paid ad-space wisely and judiciously.  Facebook offers a unique feature to allow you to increase or decrease ad exposure based on their performance.
  4. Use industry professionals for the brand you are trying to promote. When EA wanted to create a trailer for it’s Battlefield 3 video game they called on Freddie Wong, a premier YouTube director known for his engaging and promotional videos.  Use any and all tools at your disposal to help increase engagement.

With Facebook getting nearly 1/3 of all website traffic through it’s mobile applications across separate phone platforms the mobile ad-space within Facebook and other Social networks is becoming a huge marketing opportunity for businesses.  However successful a purely social advertising approach may be, the single-channel marketing approach is becoming a thing of the past with new mobile marketing opportunities.

As we spoke about a few weeks ago, the clear winner in advertising during the Super Bowl was none other than the NFL itself.  While many other ads incorporated social interaction opportunities through Twitter, Facebook, and Shazam, the NFL’s call to action with an SMS campaign was clear and successful.

More than 1.7 million viewers of the Super Bowl followed through and sent a text to participate in the NFL Perfect Challenge.  Beyond this, “Text NFL to 69635″ was trending on both Twitter and Facebook during and after the game.  Jeff Berman, general manager of the NFL’s digital media, stated that “essentially we are launching a September product with a February ad.  How do we actually capture the real value of this?”  Their choice was to capture phone numbers to begin a conversation with consumers for a product launch in September.  With the NFL far surpassing its goal of 1% participation of Super Bowl viewers the huge number of messages exchanged underscores the potential for call-to-action advertisement.

While both SMS calls to action and Social Media interaction are successful, perhaps the truly successful marketing giants over 2012 will be those who incorporate both in a way to saturate the marketing with communication, interaction, and participation.

To see the potential increase in business your company could experience through incorporating a mobile campaign into all of your marketing efforts, head here to sign up for a free trial with us and begin a dialogue about what 2012, the year of mobile, could do for you and your business.

Press Release: “UFC Partners with CommerceTel for Mobile Marketing”

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship organization has selected CommerceTel to facilitate mobile marketing tactics such as voting, text alerts, and special offers for in-venue and in-broadcast initiatives.

The UFC is the fastest growing sports organization in the world, producing the world’s premier mixed martial arts (MMA) events and is available in almost a billion homes worldwide. The UFC’s debut on network TV last November was the most watched fight in a decade, drawing over 9 million viewers to FOX in the US.

As Michael Falato, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Txtstation, states:

“The UFC holds the unique distinction as the largest Pay-Per-View event provider in the world while the mobile platform provides the largest digital audience in the world. We’re very pleased to support the UFC’s progressive strategy of connecting to their audience via mobile devices.”

With CommerceTel’s C4 and Txtstation Pro web-based platforms, the UFC will be equipped to deliver HD-quality graphics and animations to screens, whether it is broadcast, in-venue boards, or digital signage. Fans text their messages to a short code and within seconds the real time results can appear live on the screen. The dynamic display of responses has been proven to not only improve overall response rate but it also engages the consumer in an interactive way. Additionally, fans can opt-in for real-time alerts from in-venue or online calls-to-action.

“We are always looking for new ways to improve the audience experience for our fans,” said UFC President Dana White. “This is another way for fans to get even closer to the action, to get even more interactive, and this partnership with CommerceTel’s Txtstation allows us to do that in a new and exciting way.”

**CommerceTel, Txtstation, and BoomText have come together to create Mobivity, an integrated mobile solutions provider prepared to turn anyone’s mobile advertising goals into a reality.

Article Credit: Sports Video Group.

2012: The Year of the Mobile Market

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It is hard to go a single day in the modern American world without encountering some kind of mobile interaction.  Mobile interaction and communication has found it’s way into nearly every part of our daily interaction – from mobile social networks, to mobile business applications and advertising.  The mobile trend can even be found in major sales statistics – Apple announced recently it’s Q1 2012 numbers, stating that the company has sold 55 million iPads, and 37 million iPhones to date in Q1, which brings their running total of iOS (Mobile) devices to 316 million units sold.  This number alone is staggering, but when compared to how many Mac desktop computers the company has sold in it’s 28 year existence, the move towards primarily-mobile communication becomes a statistic to be reckoned with.

Source: Mashable “Apple Sold More iOS Devices in 2011 Than Macs in 28 Years”

With this in mind it is hard to ignore America’s move towards mobile, and a new level of focus on the increasing mobile market should be at the head of every business owner’s mind.  Adobe recently also did a study showing that, on average, end-users spend more money when shopping from a mobile device than form a desktop, showing an increase from an average $102 order on a desktop to an average $123 order on a tablet/mobile phone.  While this presents a money-making opportunity, it also presents an absolutely phenomenal advertising opportunity.

A Marin Software study in Q4 2011 found that consumers are more likely to click on ads from search results and webpages on a mobile device than they are on a desktop, with click-rates for ads on smart-phones at 1.25%, 1.31% for tablets, and only 0.95% for desktops and laptops.  The same study has also been reporting click-through rates up to 45% higher on mobile devices than desktops and laptops for Q1 2012 so far.

By 2015, the IDC has stated that more U.S. internet users will access the web through mobile devices than through Personal Computers.  The trend here is clear, consumers are moving mobile in a huge way, and for businesses to increase sales and business size competitively, the move to mobile is a no brainer.  For a glance into one of many mobile-business streams, sign up for a free trial with us today.

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