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From SMS to apps: Redefining mobile (and taking a multi-channel approach)

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From iMediaConnection:

Today’s mobile landscape is so fragmented that it’s often a challenge for marketers to decide which channel is most beneficial for connecting to consumers. While there has been much debate regarding the merits of mobile websites versus mobile applications, the missing piece of the conversation is the desire of consumers to use certain mobile channels for specific interactions with a brand. For example, a user may browse purchases via a brand’s mobile website, track loyalty program rewards through an on-device application, and receive coupons or location-based alerts over SMS.

Findings from the Article:

One-third of Gen-Yers are willing to receive SMS messages from companies

Companies must define their goals for engagement and know where their target audience lies in terms of mobile usage and interaction preferences

Brands that select just one channel for their mobile strategy will risk alienating current and potential customers looking for the mobile channel of their choice

Target Case Study details a multi-channel approach:

Target is a clear example of a retailer giving consumers the ultimate choice when accessing mobile offerings, with a multi-channel strategy focusing on mobile web, mobile apps, and an SMS campaign. In addition to its mobile website, Target has also offered a Target mobile app and dedicated text message programs including the "Target Ten" campaign, which encouraged customers to text the number listed in print ads to have top-10 product lists sent directly to their mobile devices. 

Read the full article here.

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