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Mobile Marketing: No Longer a Tradeoff Between Reach and Targeting

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Consumer marketers are naturally drawn to tactics that offer the greatest reach. Brand marketers, in particular, are reliant on distribution channels. As a result, the largest audience of possible buyers usually dictates where marketing dollars flow.

Yet a universal truth has emerged: The best return on investment (ROI) comes from targeted, personalized, and (often) one-to-one marketing methods. It’s been relatively easy to classify available marketing tactics according to how much reach or targeting is afforded by each, but mobile is different.

Communication between a brand and consumer via text messaging can be an effective way to engage, share offers, and send/receive alerts, but the ROI is difficult to measure, and little is learned about consumers (aside from their mobile phone numbers).

In this article from MarketingProfs, you’ll learn…

Why mobile marketing has a "one and done" reputation—and why it needn’t be that way

How mobile can be part of an ongoing channel for interfacing with customers

Why mobile can become integral to integrated, cross-channel marketing campaigns

To learn more about how to get the most out of your text messaging/SMS campaigns, you can read the article here.


Case Study: Southwest Airlines Contest Nets 10,000 SMS Entries

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I just came across this article from January 2011. This is a fun promotion, successful for the participants and shows a lot of creativity in the execution. 

From Mobile Marketer, highlights include:

Southwest NBA Finals Getaway Text-2-Win

Target audience
Fans of the National Basketball Association’s Boston Celtics

Win a flyway trip to the NBA Finals in Los Angeles, including a pair of tickets to a 2010 NBA Finals game, roundtrip airfare and hotel accommodations.

Marketing Takeaway
“This particular case study exemplifies a truly successful interactive campaign that leveraged the station’s promotional assets and text-message platform to reach thousands of consumers in a very short amount of time.”

In January, 68.1% of U.S. mobile subscribers used text messaging on their mobile device

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No surprise here, the number is unchanged from last period, confirming again that text messaging is a very popular activity for phone users.

Per ComScore, 68.1 percent of U.S. mobile subscribers used text messaging on their mobile device (Jan 2011):


It makes a good case that marketers should always give their prospects and customers the option of receiving SMS marketing communications as part of an integrated program.

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