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Get Results in 2011 with SMS Marketing Campaigns

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I came across this article from Mobile Squared in which an AT&T executive states that SMS is being overlooked as an effective call to action for mobile campaigns.

Presently, the majority of mobile advertising campaigns are brand awareness-based. To enhance the success of activity on mobile, and to build broad awareness, Mandel says advertisers should look to leverage traditional media – whether billboard, print, radio, or TV – with a text-in call to action.

“SMS is the broadest reach mass marketing tool that you could leverage today, next to voice,” Mandel says. “We’re starting to see the growth of mobile coupons and mobile commerce, driving to actually converting on mobile devices, or signing up for regular SMS alerts. These are regular ways of engaging consumers, building loyalty and long term engagement.”

It does depend on what your mobile marketing objectives are (branding versus direct) but I agree that using SMS as a call to action is a revenue and lead generation tool that should not be overlooked.

We wish great success with your text messaging campaigns in 2011. If you need any assistance, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help in any way.

Happy New Year from Mobivity!

Juicy Couture print ad is true testament to importance of SMS

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An advertisement in the Bloomingdale’s Nifty Gifty holiday gift guide catalog is a true testament to the role that mobile, specifically SMS, plays in the lives of consumers on a daily basis. The ad is for Juicy Couture winter gloves that have the tips of the thumb and pointer finger cut off, especially for texting. Who would have thought two years ago that we would be seeing ads like this?

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The article goes on to give sound advice about mobile marketing and SMS text message campaign strategy:

Recommendations for marketers, with regard to SMS
Maximize opportunities by creating a surround-sound effect, Mr. Kittner said. Cross-channel integration and consistency of messaging and experience across online/digital channels, as well as offline channels, are key for success.

Providing multiple digital entry points into the organization allows the user to decide how they want to interact with the brand. Set realistic expectations on results and invest rationally so that the mobile channel runs efficiently.

Continue to explore ways to enhance segmentation and targeted appeals by moving to more two-way conversations to learn what customers expect from the brand.

Read the article here.

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