November 2010 - Mobivity

Ten Tips for Mobile Marketing

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If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you better get going. This short and sweet overview is worth a read.  One huge caveat,  I would add SMS specifically because it is one of the most effective mobile tactics. Over 95% of text messages and mobile coupons get opened and read, and within 20 minutes of receipt. There’s no more interactive touch point for your base…

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Thinking about getting into mobile marketing? Here are ten things to think about in planning a mobile marketing initiative.

  1. Mobile phones are people’s most treasured communication device. It’s where they have their most intimate conversations and it holds their attention more than any other device – don’t abuse that.
  2. Think long term. A base needs to be built up from the start. A base that wants to receive your information. Short term gains attained by Spamming a base result in long term losses.
  3. Incorporate mobile into all marketing strategies from the start. Integrate it into traditional marketing campaigns as well.
  4. Mobile is the most measurable medium. Use the live tracking to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t.
  5. MMS and mobile websites (mobsites) work in tandem. The mobisite provides the ability for more in-depth information, but the MMS gives the push factor.
  6. Always incentivise. Giving people a reason to respond and to returning is key to growing a base.
  7. Always include a reason to pull in other people. Incentives for drawing other people into the base are vital.
  8. Mobile is interactive. Get the base to talk back to you and show that you’re listening to what they say.
  9. Mobile is a work around for emails that get blocked by many companies and it’s a cost saver. Look into MMS statements and mobile communication instead of printed brochures.
  10. Communicate regularly. Mobile marketing requires a steady flow of communication to build momentum. Ad hoc campaigns are far less effective.


The holidays are here, time for your SMS campaigns

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Unless you live under a rock, every store is filled with holiday merchandise and seasonal music is playing. Way too early for my taste, but business owners should move now to grab consumer dollars with their mobile marketing campaigns.

234 Million Americans own a cell phone and recent studies show that over 60% use their phones for text  messages. Steve Smith, an industry analyst, recently stated that advertisers shouldn’t necessarily get bogged down in complicated mobile campaigns. His opinion is that people inherently can’t ignore texts. As opposed to other tactics, mobile coupons and text message sale reminders could be the thing to capture revenue this holiday season.

‘Tis the season to get your text message coupons out and capture the attention of your prospects and customers through SMS.


Maurices mobile social campaign generates seven-digit sales in first 4 months

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From the ad:Tech conference in New York comes an interesting case study on the integrated use of SMS and mobile text coupons within the overall marketing campaigns for women’s retailer with 750 stores.

Highlights of the case study includes:

Launched in 1931 as a small women’s fashion shop in Duluth, MN, maurices has grown to more than 750 specialty stores in 44 states across and is using mobile to target savvy, conscious consumers with a twenty-something attitude.

“The maurices Mobile Style Club is driving consumer engagement and sales through SMS,” said Webster Lewin, senior vice president and director of digital innovation and strategy at Publicis Group’s MS&L Group, New York. “Mobile combined with social media drives real-time engagement.

“Mobile is a key way to engage consumers across the four pillars—real-time conversation, real-time community, real-time content and real time conversion,” he said. “We’ve seen great success driving conversions using mobile, and maurices is a great example of how the ROI of mobile campaigns is being recognized—they’re all over it.

Marketers and business owners should carefully read this case study with its real world results that illustrate how you can combine your online and mobile efforts to work together seamlessly to generate revenue and retain loyal customers.


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