September 2010 - Mobivity

Happy Labor Day, Next Up: Text Message Campaigns for the Winter Holidays

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Even though summer is just coming to an end, it’s never too early to start thinking about the next big selling season, the upcoming winter holidays. I know, I know, its still warm outside, right! But the earlier you start, the more successful you will be.

I thought this article by Tim Jemison of iMedia Connection is a good overview of how mobile marketing can be integrated into any type of marketing campaign. The article, How to integrate mobile into all your campaigns, theorizes:

…mobile needs to be viewed as an additive component of every marketing program. Mobile has the unique ability to drive interaction and brand engagement from traditional advertising activities and to connect consumers with the brand, offers, and promotions with a unique sense of individual attention.

Using text messaging and mobile marketing gives you the ability to instantly understand how well your marketing is performing, and allows you to interactively communicate with your customers or prospects.

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