August 2010 - Mobivity

Best Practices for Text Message Marketing

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One thing about marketing, once you’ve made your work public and then find out that there’s a problem, it’s not a pleasant feeling. Although you may be able to correct the issue, I’ve always found it’s better to be proactive and test ahead a time.

Within my text messaging software, I create a list called “Test” that includes myself and other associates, preferably on other carriers, and send my text message marketing to that list first.  That way you can tell if your message will be received correctly.  Sometimes problems can be caused by something as simple as adding a character to the message that the system can’t process. To avoid this, don’t use any special characters (bullets, symbols, etc) and don’t copy and paste your text from a Microsoft Word Document or a Webpage.

I’ve always found it effective to send out a test message prior to doing a large blast and soliciting the review of my associates.  In my opinion, doing so gives you the best chance of success in the mobile marketing marketplace. I hope you find this helpful — happy mobile marketing!


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