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The 2012 Inbox

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Everyone has a smartphone these days and marketers are wondering? Should I do e-mail campaigns or SMS text messaging marketing to their mobile audiences. 

I came across an interesting article by Derek Harding from ClickZ about mobile inboxes saying usage and progress will be slower than the industry thinks.  His predication is that SMS is and will be the preferred  delivery vehicle for mobile-specific, time and location sensitive communications:

In 2012, e-mail marketing will still be used for non-mobile focused communications, much like it is today. With SMS and MMS used for mobile-specific, time and location sensitive communications. SMS adoption had been slow in the U.S. but it has taken off in recent years. In 2009, the U.S. became the largest producer of SMS messages worldwide. Furthermore, SMS usage does not have the same barriers to adoption as e-mail with support on virtually all existing handsets. Finally, it doesn’t have the same mobile/stationary complications since it’s unused on the desktop.

So basically, you may want to rethink the use of email to communicate with your mobile audience. SMS gets the job done better because your text message will be opened and read 95% of the time, unlike e-mail. Just saying.


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