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740 Billion text messages sent in the first half of 2009

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Time to get a bit nostalgic all while showing the exponential growth of SMS here in the U.S.  When we first started this company back in 2006, the number of SMS messages sent in the U.S. was miniscule compared to our friends over in Europe and Asia. We like many companies entering a growing market put together some marketing materials and power point presentations. I just stumbled across an old presentation of ours from back in 2007 that mentions the # of SMS messages sent on a monthly basis here in the good old US of A. That  number was roughly 20 Billion messages per month.

Here we are some two plus years later and we are sending roughly 123 Billion messages a month, as per a CTIA survey. That equates to roughly 4 Billion messages per day. What we were once doing in a month we now do in under a week. I just cant believe it. We always knew the explosion was coming, but we nevercould have predicted a 600% increase per month in roughly 2 years. 

Simply put, there is no question that the use of SMS has penetrated main stream America. Time and time again we have discussed the importance of  having a mobile presence, and if these numbers do not serve as a wake up call to all businesses, marketers and advertisers nothing will.

2010 is poised to be the biggest year Mobile has ever experienced and those not prepared, or simply those who ignore the obvious, will be left in the dust. With the release of our new Mobivity 2.0 software we have made sure that all of our customers are ready.

Mall of America Turns to Text

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Well, the largest mall is the United states totally gets it.  We here at Mobivity have discussed a number of times on this blog the power of Mobile coupons, and it appears the Mall of America may have been reading.

Mobile Marketing Magazine reports that the shopping center with some 500 stores is now offering shoppers the ability to receive in-store discounts for that day while in the mall. All shoppers have to do is send a text message to a number displayed above the entrance. Anyone who opts in will only receive offers for that day until the mall closes or until they decide to text the word STOP to the short code.

I went to the web site to see how it all works. It appears by sending sending a text with MOA to the short code you receive messages from any of the stores that may wish to broadcast an offer that day.  I think the offer would be far more powerful if you could select specific coupons say "Men’s wear" or "sporting equipment". No offense but I for one do not need to know if a baby store is having a special and with 500 stores at the mall I could receive far too many offers for my liking, which would force me to opt out well before I was done shopping. They are definitely heading in the right direction, but they may need some tweaking to make it extremely successful. Let us know what you think.


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