July 2009 - Mobivity

One-Third of Smartphone Users Respond to Mobile Ads

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A research study on smartphone usage patterns from Universal McCann found that more than one-third of high-use smartphone users respond to mobile advertisements, reports Mediaweek (via MarketingVOX).

Among the findings:

Smartphone users are clicking on ads (53%), requesting more information or a coupon (35%) and making purchases via their handsets (24%).

Some 82% of respondents report they use mobile devices at work. 81% use them while shopping. The mobile web is also popular with commuters, who use it as part of their workday commute.

Nearly one of every seven minutes of media consumption takes place on a mobile device, and six of every 10 consumers expect their mobile internet use to increase significantly over the next two years.

The key stats for SMS mobile marketing — 35% of the users request more information or coupons and 81% use their phones when shopping – confirms the potentially huge audience that can be reached using text messaging. 

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