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2.3 Trillion SMS Messages by 2010

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If I wasn’t already in it, I’d say this would be a good time to start a text message related business.

According to new Gartner research, an estimated 936 billion SMS messages were sent in 2005. That number is expected to hit 2.3 trillion by 2010.

While the Asia Pacific region will continue to be #1, North America will see the highest annual growth rate between 2006 and 2010. Gartner predicts that 318 billion SMS messages will be sent, giving North America the second highest volume worldwide.

There’s a great post by Mike Grenville at 160 Characters with a lot more detailed information.

What is Mobile 2.0? Is it only the Mobile Web?

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Over at Read/WriteWeb there is an excellent post about “Understanding Mobile 2.0“.

Under the heading of “What is Mobile 2.0″, they say:

It’s absolutely necessary that more connections are made between the players in the web 2.0 sphere (a.k.a. next generation web apps & services) and what some Mobilists are calling mobile 2.0. What we mean by ‘mobile 2.0′ is another (r)evolution, already started, that will dramatically change the web and the mobility landscape that we currently know. The idea is that the mobile web will become the dominant access method in many countries of the world, with devices that become more hybrid and networks that become more powerful – everywhere in the next decade to come.

So my question is whether it is only the mobile web that is included, or can it be extended to SMS and handset installed applications?

I think one way to classify Mobile 2.0, is those applications and services that bring Web 2.0 applications to the mobile handset. One of my original goals when architecting the Mobivity service and API, was to have the ability to easily deliver existing Web 2.0 content via SMS.

For example, using just DIGGs rss feed, I have set up the ability to get the top Digg story via SMS. The whole setup took less than 20 minutes, and that was to write the web service to call the rss feed. The setup in Mobivity took 30 seconds.

Try it out! Text DIGG to 95495 and you will always receive the most popular story. (T-mobile not working yet & U.S. only)

To me, this is what Mobile 2.0 is about. The ability to connect with the next generation of services while on the go. It’s not about the interface, it’s about the content. Whether is is via SMS, or through a java application on the phone, you are extending the Web 2.0 landscape beyond the physical computer.

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