October 2006 - Mobivity

“Why Would a Hair Salon Use Text Messaging?”

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I was out with some friends the other night when I was asked this question by a salon owner I know. Immediately a few ideas came to mind. So I asked her if they ever had a day where one or more of her stylists didn’t have many appointments?

To which she responded “Yea, but since they make a percentage of what they bring in, I don’t really pay them much if they are standing around.”

It’s amazing how different people think. So I immediately remind her that the rest of the percentage goes to the salon, and the more people coming in the door, the more the salon makes!

After we got past that hurdle, I explained how text messaging could work in a Salon.

When clients pay at the desk, ask them for their cell phone #. Tell them that you use it to send out occasional specials and reminders. You would then enter the phone # into Mobivity and put them on a list based on who the stylist is.

When you come in one morning and you see that one of your stylists has a very light appointment schedule, you can send a message to all their clients with a 10% off coupon if they come in that day. If they were planning on coming in within the next week, they would probably jump at the chance to get 10% off and do it today if they have time.

Salons keep track of how often customers come in for service. I guarantee you that if this kind of text message marketing was done, the average # of times they come in per year would go up. If you can get them to come in once or twice before they normally would, you would increase the amount of times they get serviced, and increase revenue.

I also explained that that customers can send a message to the salon’s keyword and win a free haircut, or coloring. Give away 1 haircut to get 100 mobile phone #’s? Sounds like a good deal to me!

Another option is to send text messages to clients 3 or 4 weeks since their last appointment to remind them that they have not been in for a while.

Needless to say we got a new customer after that conversation. We’re doing a beta test now and I’m sure it will prove to be quite successful.

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