Turn your cash register,
into a cash machine.

Reinvent your point-of-sale system with Mobivity’s SmartReceipt technology, turning a simple payment system into a revenue generating platform.

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Thousands of businesses turn higher traffic into higher revenue with SmartReceipt.

SmartReceipt Print Promotions

Adding SmartReceipt coupons to the top of your receipts can yield redemption rates of more than 10%, and drive an immediate increase in sales, average ticket size, and guest frequency.

Smarter digital marketing

SmartReceipt not only enhances your printed receipts, but can also connect purchase data to a specific customer to make digital marketing programs such as SMS text marketing, digital surveys, or loyalty programs smarter and more successful.

Actionable Customer Feedback

Instantly connect your organization’s point-of-sale systems to the cloud with SmartReceipt to open new data-driven revenue opportunities, allowing you to ensure that your marketing is sending the right message at the right time.

Generate new revenue streams with targeted cross-promotions

Your receipts are an advertising platform waiting to happen. Drive new revenue streams by leveraging our ad network to turn the thousands of receipts you print each day into revenue generating advertising impressions or cross promotional opportunities.

Implementing SmartReceipt into your current POS system is simple.

Quick Installation

SmartReceipt is a simple software installation for the majority of POS platforms, with the option to leverage Epson’s OmniLink printer series for plug-and-play installation.

Instant Cloud Connection

SmartReceipt turns your current point-of-sale system into a cloud-connection, informing your marketing decisions with real-time access to transaction data.

Dynamically Printed Receipts

Control the content of every printed receipt, in real-time, based on custom rules. Add custom graphics and digital tags, such as QR codes, to transform receipts into points of engagement.

Web Based Administration

Control every SmartReceipt powered point-of-sale, design receipt graphics, setup campaigns, and access reporting and analytics from anywhere with easy-to-use online tools.

You’re in good company

"One of the greatest values that Mobivity provides Chick-fil-A to help grow business is being inline with the raving fan mentality. Mobivity enables us to really build emotional connections with all the key customers that we interact with."

− Ryan Kinane, Interactive Digital Marketing, Chick-fil-A

"Not only a great idea, but a successful one as well. Hands down the best return on a marketing campaign we’ve seen."

− Patrick Ryan, Dairy Queen Grill & Chill

"The technology is powerful, but user friendly, and we’ve seen a significant increase in customer counts from the months before we implemented Mobivity’s platform."

− Maura Walcott, Tropical Smoothie Cafe

"Over the past six years we've seen great results with mobile marketing, and even better results over the last year with Mobivity."

− Domenick Montanile, Venezia's Pizzeria